14/05/22 – Basking in the sunshine

Finally, some warmth!! The sun has taken it’s sweet time to show up properly in London this year. It’s been so windy and chilly these last few months. Today I took great delight in suncreaming myself up and basking in the sunshine for a couple hours reading my book. It was absolutely lovely.

13/05/22 – Winding down

I’m soon to move onto another project at work and so I’m starting to finish up on so many bits of work, it’s very satisfying! But before all that we’ll be off on holiday which I’m SO VERY EXCITED for! It’s why we’re not really doing anything right now as we need to do aContinue reading “13/05/22 – Winding down”

11/05/22 – Another day, another cat

We went on a lovely post dinner walk tonight after the rain had finally cleared and the sun was starting to set. This grumpy cat made me laugh as we walked past, “keep on walking…” it seemed to say, and that we did. I think because it’s been raining all day all the neighborhood catsContinue reading “11/05/22 – Another day, another cat”

10/05/22 – Spot the cat

Another cheeky 5k run this morning! Not bad but also not great. My legs were so tired for the hill and I just couldn’t seem to garner any energy back after that point. So I’m now going to take a couple days of rest before getting back into it again. After work Nic and IContinue reading “10/05/22 – Spot the cat”

08/05/22 – First half marathon of the year!

I’m feeling very pleased with this run today. It was my first half marathon of the year. I attempted the same run I did a few weeks ago where I really struggled. This time though I had a lot more water, lighter clothes and gels! It felt a lot easier so by the time IContinue reading “08/05/22 – First half marathon of the year!”

07/05/22 – Busting out my seams

When you have an ass that won’t quit… busting through jeans! After a lovely afternoon of shopping with Nic in Bromley, I finally decided to sit down and fix three pairs of trousers and a broken pencil case. All things that have been on the pile for ages but I hadn’t got round to. TheseContinue reading “07/05/22 – Busting out my seams”