28/10/19 – New job views!

I started my new contracting role today! It comes with this wonderful view which I certainly won’t get tired of whilst here. It’s been a busy yet successful day trying to get my head around everything. Also my sister got married! So whatever happened today, it was always going to be a good day ❤

03/12/2013 – Nerves and Burgers

I had the third stage interview today for a digital designer job. I was really excited/nervous for the interview, as it’s such a good opportunity! I normally don’t post about interviews, but today is different because I GOT THE JOB! They rang up and offered me it today! I’m extremely excited! I also went outContinue reading “03/12/2013 – Nerves and Burgers”

29/11/2013 – Oh Gosh, I’m Ill

Thumping headache, can’t yawn from tonsils hurting, queezy. It wasn’t a fun day today.. Didn’t venture out of the house, this was the only photo I took today – my perfume for when my mum asked which one I used! CHRISTMAS.

23/09/2012 – I bought a ‘yay me’ bag

How my mind works – If you do something good Steph, you get a reward. So today, I bought myself a Fred Perry travel bag for when I come home to Cardiff and go on trips! I’ve been eyeing it up for ages, and I finally got it!


A photo of new things! After an incredibly stressful day at work just worrying, I found my house keys (which I lost yesterday) so I’m a much happier Steph. A smiley photo of me with my 21st Vivienne Westwood birthday watch, new tunnel, and wing ring I got today in the post! Loving jewellery buyingContinue reading “04/04/2012”