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26/02/2014 – Good Morning B’ham! — Mar 1, 2014

26/02/2014 – Good Morning B’ham!

A gorgeous day in Birmingham this morning! Brisk, bright and beautiful. This was the view looking out of my hotel window, I find it quite satisfying.

After a quick continental breakfast, it was off to meetings for the day where I presented my user journeys to a new client. Exciting times!

Such a busy day as soon after meetings and lunch we got the train home, I then headed to the gym to run and do weights to kill time before heading out for dinner (which sadly got cancelled last minute!). Really nice, busy day.


04/02/2014 – Wireframe time! — Feb 7, 2014

04/02/2014 – Wireframe time!

I’ve been doing a lot of wire framing in my ‘new’ (nearly two months!) job, and loving it. Mapping out a website’s layout based on logic and information we already know is something that’s apparently right up my street! Busy day at work, and quiet evening relaxing with housemates to keep it all balanced.


01/10/2013 – The Book of Mormon! — Oct 2, 2013

01/10/2013 – The Book of Mormon!


I finally got to see The Book of Mormon, my lovely friend Richard bought tickets and it was a great night. The songs were brilliant, I was laughing throughout the entire thing – a brilliant performance all round. I would highly recommend it, I’m already listening to the soundtrack!

Ran 10km this morning in 1hr10, it’s not the best, but not far off my fastest, so I’ll take that.


30/09/2013 – The Old Organisation Game — Sep 30, 2013

30/09/2013 – The Old Organisation Game

It’s amazing the number of things you can find yourself doing when you should be doing something more important.
In my case, it’s organising. Anything and everything, I can create a new order it should be in, or a shuffle to work out what I can get rid of. I suppose it’s better than just watching TV.. But it does mean I spend far too long longing over different business card designs I’ve collated over the years…


15/08/2012 – Working Hard — Aug 16, 2012

15/08/2012 – Working Hard

I promise not to do this much, the whole ‘filtered image’ thing (these are the tickets for an upcoming black tie event we’re designing). Today I made dinner for Claire and I, it turned out great, I was just too hungry and forgot to take a photo or anything – and I’m not a keen lover of ‘food photography’ when it’s nothing special, I’m not exactly the Masterchef. I promise tomorrow will be more exciting!


14/08/2012 – Maria’s Visit! — Aug 15, 2012

14/08/2012 – Maria’s Visit!

Our lovely friend Maria came to visit us today! Myself, Claire and Maria all studied graphic design together at Newport University, and now she’s moved to London, so it was lovely being reunited again. I forgot to take more photos, as I was too busy nattering, but I couldn’t help but take yet -another- sunset photo, the skies just too pretty here!


13/08/2012 – Just so sleepy.. —