01/08/17 – Sun’s out!

After a dreery few days in London it was so nice to see the sun come out from it’s hiding place! Nic and I got some good news today and decided to celebrate with a Tuesday night date night on Brick Lane. All will be revealed soon enough but for now just keep your fingersContinue reading “01/08/17 – Sun’s out!”

28/08/2012 – I. Am. Shattered.

The title explains this quite well. I’ve got back from Cardiff after one of the most horrible trips home (long story, a lot of waiting around in the rain and delays on the bus). But I am back in London, and have had a very long day in work, 10 hours solid! So for now,Continue reading “28/08/2012 – I. Am. Shattered.”

25/03/2012 – Happy 21st!

A few days ago I explained how I didn’t want to carry on with this blog, but today (my birthday) my mind has been changed! It’s my 21st, and I’ve had such a lovely day! (In fact I’ve had such a lovely week too!) But it was the present that my sister gave me thatContinue reading “25/03/2012 – Happy 21st!”