10/07/2012 – Running Riot Round Rondon (London..)

Today was one of the longest days of my life! Got up at 6am after not much sleep, to then get the mega bus to London. Whilst on the Megabus (a four hour long bus ride, side note, I get car sick) I had to ring up all previous meetings arranged for today, cancel them,Continue reading “10/07/2012 – Running Riot Round Rondon (London..)”

09/07/2012 – CLAIRE GOT HER JOB!

After an entire day of searching for ‘Spare Rooms’ to stay in, and finalising meetings for tomorrow, I go out for dinner with the ‘graphics lot’ and Claire gets a phone call, she’s got the London job! This means we can now hunt for a flat for just the two of us! All work (andContinue reading “09/07/2012 – CLAIRE GOT HER JOB!”

08/07/2012 – Cardiff Food Show

Mum and I went to the Cardiff Food Show/Market.. thing.. today and it was a lovely day out! We managed to get a few samples and tottered around for a while, big day tomorrow as I start looking for flats to move to London! Start my new job a week tomorrow, scary stuff.

07/08/2012 – PJ Work Day

Today was a day where I spent the majority of it in my PJ’s, drank half a bottle of Mountain Dew, and got down with some commission work. I enjoyed today (apart from the stress of fighting with FTP clients, long story, shit internet). The photos are very literal of today, as to be honest,Continue reading “07/08/2012 – PJ Work Day”

06/07/2012 – Just One Drink..

Finished my last every day at work in Fire Design Studio today! They bought me a card and a bottle of Champers, I was so touched by it all, definitely will miss being there, but now’s a new chapter of my life! Went out to dinner with Fi again tonight, and got a massive cocktail,Continue reading “06/07/2012 – Just One Drink..”

05/07/2012 – Room Nosey

After getting back from work, I got to task of sorting out – Anndd my room is complete! Everything has been sorted (bar DVD’s and tech, but that’s getting done on Saturday). Here’s random features of my room! 1. My Steph letters! 2. Jewellery tree I made in A Level, now in full use! 3.Continue reading “05/07/2012 – Room Nosey”

03/07/2012 – Another Sluggish Day

Well, today wasn’t as hungover as the other day (what!? I’m allowed now I’ve finished uni and not in work!). I woke up to find two packets of tomato sauce and a tenner, which is definitely the sign of a good night! Then went out for lunch with my good friend Fi, which was soContinue reading “03/07/2012 – Another Sluggish Day”

02/07/2012 – Fran’s Back from China!

My friend Sue came to stay at mine today, as our friend the lovely Fran came back from China today for a short stay before leaving again for another year! We had a really good night out, but sadly my camera died soon after the train journey to Newport, so here’s that one photo ofContinue reading “02/07/2012 – Fran’s Back from China!”