17/12/20 – Zoom bash

Today was my work’s online Christmas party (due to covid we obviously can’t meet up). Nic and I are working at the same company right now so it was super fun having him for company all day through it. The whole thing ended up being really enjoyable! We made mulled wine with whatever we hadContinue reading “17/12/20 – Zoom bash”

16/12/20 – Christmas puzzle!

This time next week I’ll be in Cardiff with my mum for Christmas! It seems our safe plan can still go ahead. Nic and I are currently staying away from any shops, bars, pubs and restaurants (though most of these are shut anyway) in order to be as safe as we can for Christmas withContinue reading “16/12/20 – Christmas puzzle!”

15/12/20 – Christmas Countdown

With ten days to go until Christmas, the UK is apprehensive about a potential change to the “Christmas bubble” situation the government are trying to organise. I’ve already got a plan together with my mum and sister about how we can meet and not break the law (what a crazy sentence) I just hope thatContinue reading “15/12/20 – Christmas Countdown”

14/12/20 – The morning sun

I just love our bedroom as the sun streams in in the mornings. And as we’re still working from home (since March!) I’m managing to avoid dark mornings quite well this year, silver linings and all that… It looks like we’ll be heading into Tier 3 from Wednesday. So this evening I managed to getContinue reading “14/12/20 – The morning sun”

12/12/20 – Afternoon sunsets

It feels like winter solstice is just around the corner with all these 3pm sunsets! Today’s was pretty spectacular though. One last walk of 2020 with Mariana before she heads to Portugal for Christmas! It was a lush chance to natter the hours away. Once back home I got a load more sewing done includingContinue reading “12/12/20 – Afternoon sunsets”

10/12/20 – Homemade tikka paneer

A before oven shot of our tikka paneer we made this evening. We had it with a naan and dhal and it was bloody delcious. Slowly but surely trying more things in the kitchen and this is definitely a keeper, we just need to refine the spices a bit – get more confident!

09/12/20 – Dot to dot to dot to dot…

I rediscovered my dot to dot book today! Each picture has 1000 dots that make up famous landmarks. I worked on this one during my lunch whilst listening to my latest audio book, I really enjoyed myself. It’s nice to have something mindless to do whilst listening to my book, if I do nothing IContinue reading “09/12/20 – Dot to dot to dot to dot…”

08/12/20 – Get ya baubles out

It’s Christmas time!! I’m oh so excited for the Christmas break. Even though it’ll be a quiet one this year I’m really looking forward to going home and having some time off from work. Due to all our holidays being cancelled I think we’ve just not had time to reset since March. Two weeks toContinue reading “08/12/20 – Get ya baubles out”