05/03/21 – Happy mind, happy run

I had an incredible run this morning. Seven miles of crisp, bright, blue sky running. I listening to my audio book for the first half then switched to happy music as I trotted home for the second half. Once I got back I meditated in the garden, sat in the sunshine feeling the chilled airContinue reading “05/03/21 – Happy mind, happy run”

04/03/21 – Making the time

Up at 6.50am today to go on a walk whilst on the phone to a wonderful friend who lives in the Philippines. It was cold and foggy but oh so lovely to catch up with her once again. One upside of covid for me is reconnecting with friends that are far away. Normally we’d bothContinue reading “04/03/21 – Making the time”

01/03/21 – Tucked up at 10

As if it’s March already. As if it’s coming up to a year of working from home and government rules of when we can see our friends! The last 12 months have been so strange. This morning I went on an hours walk whilst on the phone to Corinne! It was chilly, but a wonderfulContinue reading “01/03/21 – Tucked up at 10”

27/02/21 – Shiny car!

After all the recent snow and rain the day has finally come to give Reggie the car a proper wash. Hoovered, shampooed, washed and waxed, he’s now absolutely gleaming and I’m feeling super accomplished from completing this task. We also deep cleaned the bathroom today and Nic made a huge batch of three different pastaContinue reading “27/02/21 – Shiny car!”

26/02/21 – Morning reflection

This morning I went for a speedy 5km run. It was 2 degrees, a clear blue sky with the sun shining – ideal conditions. Once I got back home I noticed there was still steam rising off me so I went into the garden to stretch and cool down. The birds were chirping, the sunContinue reading “26/02/21 – Morning reflection”

25/02/21 – Longer days

Just look at that sky! Our evening walks are no longer dark and dreary but colourful and well, not so dark. It’s doing an absolute wonder to my mood – I feel like a different Steph from a month ago. After dinner I got way more done on my cross-stitch whilst having a lovely natterContinue reading “25/02/21 – Longer days”

24/02/21 – Morning exploring

I ran to Streatham Rockery his morning as I spotted it on a map and thought it looked interesting! And I wasn’t wrong. The run itself was chocked full of hills, but the Rockery was incredibly tranquil. I sat down for a minute to take in all the bird noise and fresh morning feeling. I’mContinue reading “24/02/21 – Morning exploring”