25/12/2012 – Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone! Spent the day with my family generally being happy! This included making the adorable gingerbread featured today, I’m quite proud of it! Hope you all had a wonderful day.

24/12/2012 – Amazing naughty breakfast with a brilliant friend!

Went for a naughty McDonald’s breakfast today with the lovely Fi! Had a lovely day catching up with more people and being giddy for Christmas tomorrow! Happy Christmas Eve!

21/12/2012 – A Grumpy Cat Christmas

Today is my last day in work before I head home to Cardiff this evening! Grumpy Cat greeted me at work as Jasmin put up this lovely photo of him on my screen! I’m excited to go home, Merry Christmas!

20/12/2012 – Awin’s Christmas cookies!

I had to design a simple box cover for the Christmas cookies we sent out to clients, and today we received our box! They were really nice, and dead cute to match!

18/12/2012 – Awin’s Christmas Party!

It was our big Christmas party tonight and it was brilliant! I drank a lot and made some new friends, always a good laugh! Merry Christmas! Here’s jas and I on the bumper cars – we were there early to set up and got to go on them just us!

17/12/2012 – My first Christmas present!

Got this from the head of development at work with a card for Christmas, made me smile even though I didn’t win anything! Apparently someone else won £20, not bad!

16/12/2012 – Sunday cycle

I know, I’m a talented photographer! (Or stupid..) but anyhow, here’s a photo of Claire and I mid cycle! We ended up doing 15km which is quite good going for under an hour! Great excessive and great catch up, loved it.