20/11/2012 – I’m going to New York tomorrow!

Packing has commenced and been completed! And that’s how I role. NEW YORK TOMORROW! (And my Mum’s birthday present safely tucked away)

19/11/2012 – Foody Post

T-minus 2 days until New York! I’m beyond excited, yet still haven’t packed.. I’m being all good and healthy though! Normal day at work, only one more day left in the office!

18/11/2012 – I ran 11km!

Well I only bloody went and ran 11km! This is definitely not the most attractive photo of me, but give me a break, I ran 11k! I’m so proud, so excuse the ‘braggy’ post today, it’s the only photo I took!

17/11/2012 – I Gots me a New Coat!

Whilst I haven’t even thought about packing for New York (I’m going for a week this Wednesday!), I’ve made a bit of progress in getting a new (and much warmer) coat! This was the photo I sent to my Mum for final approval.

16/11/2012 – Drunk Photo..

Let’s be honest here, I went out drinking  this evening with friends after work and completely forgot to take any photos. However it appears drunk me remembered and took this brilliantly artistic photo on the tube home.. *eherm*