12/01/2012 – Journey to Primrose Hill via Camden Town

Another really nice day, we decided to go to Primrose hill by cycling there via Camden Town. Got to see a number of new places of London and have a picnic! Chilly day though and seemed to get a lot colder throughout!

11/01/2013 – To the pub! ..

… is probably something I say far too often. But who am I kidding, wine and friends, what’s better? Lovely evening catching up with Jasmin who has returned to London from holidays! Picture is of a wine bottle in a cooler with a candle behind it, deep, I know.

10/01/2013 – Foggy Canary Wharf run

I’ve been slacking a bit with running due to my foot being so bad. Ran 6km this morning to the beautiful sight of the fog rising over Canary Wharf. My feet stopped me running the full distance I wanted to, but still happy with 6km and getting back into it!

09/01/2013 – New favourite app : Blippy!

Not a wonderful photo, but one taken on the new app “Blippy”. You hold the app at various products/buildings/cards and it adds 3D animations that move in real time with the project! I’ve been playing around with it today, great fun.

08/01/2013 – The Lion King was Amazing!

We went to the Lion King and it was just brilliant, the best live show I’ve seen! Brilliant night out, and I’d highly recommend anyone to go see it.

06/01/2013 – I’m on a Blu-ray craze!

I love Disney movies, it’s something about the wonderful animation and fond memories of my childhood. Slowly, disk by disk, I’m collecting them all on blu-ray, and this is my latest addition The Rescuers!

04/01/2013 – Walkers go Serif!

Couldn’t help but post about this! As I went to grab a naughty bag of Crisps I found that walkers have gone serif! I can already hardly remember what they looked like before, but they certainly caught my attention!