07/10/21 – Autumn colours!

Just today I’ve suddenly notices all the trees in our local area starting to change. Even the tree in our garden has little spots going. It feels like it happened over night! It’s just gorgeous. Very hot today though, like 19 degrees, which is very odd for October… It does make me slightly uneasy!

05/10/21 – Sunset commutes

It’s that time of the year again, and I’m not complaining! Greeted by this gorgeous view as I waited for my train home tonight. London is getting chillier but also a lot wetter these last couple weeks. I however really love the seasons so my big boots are out and I’m ready to go!

03/10/21 – Birthday parties!

Today was a day for celebrating birthday parties! This little one in particular. Little Rosie turned 1 years old recently and today was her pizza party. We got to stay on until the very end, carrying her home and helping her climb up the stairs home. A really fun day with lots of our lovelyContinue reading “03/10/21 – Birthday parties!”

02/10/21 – Book 34…

After stumbling for a while on my last book, I’m now finally onto James O’Briens new one that a friend lent me a while ago. I’m already really enjoying it which is good! Apart from that today was a lovely day out to Bromley to do some shopping, have lunch out and mostly just tryContinue reading “02/10/21 – Book 34…”

30/09/21 – My absolute happy place

Well, tonight was something, that’s for sure. I cried with happiness, sadness and pure joy at Les Mis this evening. It’s now officially taken the role of my favourite show, in fact it stormed into the position before the second act had even began. It was truly phenomenal, each and every person that stared inContinue reading “30/09/21 – My absolute happy place”