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22/02/19 – Foggy run to work — Feb 22, 2019
21/02/19 – Tobacco Dock conference — Feb 21, 2019
20/02/19 – Lunchtime at The Barbican — Feb 20, 2019
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18/02/19 – Dishoom for dinner — Feb 18, 2019
17/02/19 – Sunday run and brunch — Feb 17, 2019

17/02/19 – Sunday run and brunch

I’ve had a gorgeous Sunday. I’m feeling at about 90% full health, still a little dizzy and a little deaf, but I’m getting there.

This morning I managed a short 5km run, then headed out for a walk with Fae and her dog Ruby. We then had brunch at hear house and I walked home in the sunshine with a big smile on my face.

16/02/19 – Hello Mr Goat — Feb 16, 2019

16/02/19 – Hello Mr Goat

I’m still recovering from my loss of hearing and vertigo, so today Nic and I headed out for a tame walk around Crystal Palace. We got to meet all the animals in the mini zoo they have, including this rather friendly goat!

We then went to Joe’s for a tonic (no gin might I add!) And then pottered on home. I’m very slowly getting better 🙂