08/03/2014 – Saturday Cycle to Surrey

Decided to head out for a long cycle today as the weather was so beautiful. Biked down to Kingston Park to have a healthy lunch and relax in the sunshine before heading back via Richmond park to see the dear! Cycled 30 miles in total! A sore bum, but a happy Steph.

30/01/2014 – Chilly Fancies!

The winter chill has really set in this week. I’m still cycling 11 miles everyday, but fully wrapped up! This was my evening today, gloves for cycling home and fondant fancies for pudding. I slightly regret buying these are they’re delicious and I’m struggling to dole them out to my housemates… Yum. Movie and fanciesContinue reading “30/01/2014 – Chilly Fancies!”

02/01/2014 – Let’s Get Physical!

After the last most of no training, it’s time to get back into good habits, with helpful reminder PostIts on my Mac at work! 25km cycled today and an exercise class, let’s do this! Back to work today, but it’s a very short work so should fly by 🙂 lovely!

14/11/2013 – The Palace at Night

Finally got round to cycling up to Kentish Town for lunch with superlative Richard (I need to find friends who work closer to South West!). I got lost a couple times, so instead of cycling around 14 miles, I ended up doing a few detours and cycled around 20 miles – though a few of thoseContinue reading “14/11/2013 – The Palace at Night”

28/09/2013 – Final Frock Fitting

Travelling up to Wilmslow today for my final dress fitting before my cousins wedding next weekend! It’s very near now and I’m excited to be one of three bridesmaids. Quick journey up in first class Virgin train, disappointed the service is so different from the weekday trains, but hey ho, better than nothing, and theContinue reading “28/09/2013 – Final Frock Fitting”

27/09/2013 – Back and Breathless

I’m back on the running, but gosh it’s hard! I go through phases of how consistent I am with my running, with my last run being 12km to work, then suddenly, nothing. But no, I’m officially back on it! With a 40 minute startup run 🙂 here’s a photo from my route this morning. NiceContinue reading “27/09/2013 – Back and Breathless”

26/09/2013 – From one Capitol to the Next

.. And in style! Headed back to London today as I had a meeting at 5, and then a hootsuite meet up or “HootUp” later on. Met some lovely people at the latter! All in all a busy day of travelling and meeting new people.

25/09/2013 – Bore Da Cymru!

Good morning Wales! It was absolutely lovely waking up in sunny Wales this morning! A day and a half to thoroughly chill out. I got my hair cut this morning and then chilled out with mum in the living room, bliss. Walked into town and noticed it’s most certainly autumn, lovely! Then dinner and drinksContinue reading “25/09/2013 – Bore Da Cymru!”

22/09/2013 – Finding Our Roots

Another lovely day getting to know our extended polish family. We’re out here meeting my mum’s cousins, which means I also get to meet my second cousins! It’s all pretty exciting and nerve wrecking as my polish is appalling (read: non-existent after please and thank yous). We found my great grandparents grave today, it wasContinue reading “22/09/2013 – Finding Our Roots”

21/09/2013 – The Big Polish Day!

After taking so many photos I found it so hard to chose just one for this post, but here it is! Polish weddings are something else, I’ve had so much fun – with so many surprises! This wasn’t a cake with sparklers in it, it’s a boar.. with sparklers in it.. that the grandad ofContinue reading “21/09/2013 – The Big Polish Day!”