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08/03/2014 – Saturday Cycle to Surrey — Mar 16, 2014
30/01/2014 – Chilly Fancies! — Feb 2, 2014

30/01/2014 – Chilly Fancies!

The winter chill has really set in this week. I’m still cycling 11 miles everyday, but fully wrapped up!

This was my evening today, gloves for cycling home and fondant fancies for pudding. I slightly regret buying these are they’re delicious and I’m struggling to dole them out to my housemates… Yum. Movie and fancies on a chilly night.


02/01/2014 – Let’s Get Physical! — Jan 2, 2014
14/11/2013 – The Palace at Night — Nov 15, 2013

14/11/2013 – The Palace at Night


Finally got round to cycling up to Kentish Town for lunch with superlative Richard (I need to find friends who work closer to South West!). I got lost a couple times, so instead of cycling around 14 miles, I ended up doing a few detours and cycled around 20 miles – though a few of those were for impromptu photo opportunities like the one above!

28/09/2013 – Final Frock Fitting — Sep 28, 2013

28/09/2013 – Final Frock Fitting

Travelling up to Wilmslow today for my final dress fitting before my cousins wedding next weekend! It’s very near now and I’m excited to be one of three bridesmaids.
Quick journey up in first class Virgin train, disappointed the service is so different from the weekday trains, but hey ho, better than nothing, and the space is great.
The other photo is from the walk into Wilmslow centre – the gardens in this area are pristine, I thought this was fake before a closer look!


27/09/2013 – Back and Breathless —

27/09/2013 – Back and Breathless

I’m back on the running, but gosh it’s hard! I go through phases of how consistent I am with my running, with my last run being 12km to work, then suddenly, nothing.
But no, I’m officially back on it! With a 40 minute startup run 🙂 here’s a photo from my route this morning.
Nice day today ending with Duncan’s goodbye party as he’s off travelling!


26/09/2013 – From one Capitol to the Next — Sep 26, 2013