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27/06/11 — Jul 7, 2011


It took nearly 24 hours of travel to get home, and with a 5 hour time difference we were pretty knackered. Took this on the coach, before the last 4 hours of travel back to Cardiff. Tanned and with my hotel wristband a bit battered after 2 weeks!

26/06/11 —
25/06/11 —


Had another beach day today as it was our last full day in Cuba, but before relaxing I went on a snorkelling trip where we road on a catamaran to deeper waters, where we were surrounded by loads of tropical fish the top picture is me, if you can’t tell)! The boys could hear my yelping coming from my snorkel as the fish would swim right up to your face! (First underwater POD!)

24/06/11 —


We went for a trip to Cardenas today. A quite, traditionally Cuban city (although it’s more like a town) outside of Varadero. I really enjoyed seeing less touristy parts of Cuba as they showed a lot more personality and history.

23/06/11 —


We swam with dolphins! I’ve never done it before, and didn’t really know what to expect, but they were lovely! Like puppies, but more soggy.. and bigger. They were really playful, and seemed very happy with the trainers. They swam behind us and pushed us forward on their noses before chucking us up in the air (the first photo)! It was fantastic!

22/06/11 — Jul 1, 2011


A whole beach day today, hired a pedalo, kayaks and snorkels with my sister, all included with the hotel, it was a fun day! Only got pictures on the underwater camera which I’ll upload another time. So the pictures are my favourite 2 of the sunset we watched while eating tea at an Italian ‘themed’ restaurant that night.

21/06/11 —