14/03/21 – Good market eats

We walked to Crystal Palace Park today to hit up the market there. They make you queue to keep the numbers down, wear a mask (it’s outside) and use anti-bac before going in so it all feels very safe! We bought cheese, cookies, fresh pasta, sage, butter and of course a couple things for lunch!Continue reading “14/03/21 – Good market eats”

01/08/17 – Sun’s out!

After a dreery few days in London it was so nice to see the sun come out from it’s hiding place! Nic and I got some good news today and decided to celebrate with a Tuesday night date night on Brick Lane. All will be revealed soon enough but for now just keep your fingersContinue reading “01/08/17 – Sun’s out!”

22/05/17 – Green grass and blue skies

So there you are sunshine! London is gloriously sunny today, and due to my bike being fixed I got the joy of sauntering/walking into work in the sunshine.  Nic and I watched Batman Begins this evening. I’ve never actually seen it before and absolutely loved it! Really excited to watch the other two this week!

13/01/16 – Chilly Chilly London!

London is BRISK this morning, very chilly. I’m loving it though, apart my lingering cold I’m feeling wonderful, which is nice. I took this photo before getting the train to work this morning, I loved the light in the tunnel.. I’m officially back into my running habits! Nic and I went out for a speedContinue reading “13/01/16 – Chilly Chilly London!”

26/10/15 – Moonlit walk back home

Woke up today feeling quite groggy so I decided to take the train into work instead of cycling. It’s a habit I need to get out of as it’s not a good one! Even more so now due to the clocks going back, as I can’t walk the short way home through the park.. ThoughContinue reading “26/10/15 – Moonlit walk back home”

03/08/15 – A Sydenham Hill Sunset

After work I went to dinner with Ali and Kat, two of my old housemates from when I lived in a shared house in Clapham. It was a great catch up, as it always is with these two – though it makes you realise how quickly time passes you by when it was months sinceContinue reading “03/08/15 – A Sydenham Hill Sunset”

17/07/15 – Labyrinth under the stars

Well, I’m still coughing my lungs up like a 50-a-day smoker but that won’t stop me cracking on with life! Tonight Nic and I went over the road to Crystal Palace Park to watch Labyrinth at a Luna Outdoor Cinema event. It was such a lovely evening and we even saw quite a few starsContinue reading “17/07/15 – Labyrinth under the stars”