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10/06/2012 – Collecting Cranes — Jun 11, 2012

10/06/2012 – Collecting Cranes

Been having a quiet few days, just starting to pack things up for moving again. Cleaned up all my cranes that I’ve been making from all my rubbish on my desk recently. The one in focus is from a recent packet of starburst! I’m going to keep making them, and eventually do a proper blog post about recycling and craft. I think I’ve mentioned this before, so apologies if I’m just repeating myself!


11/05/2012 — May 11, 2012


Another day in work, popped home to Cardiff for a bit. Didn’t take any decent photos, so thought I’d show a photo of a current side project I’m doing for my blog. I love origami, and I’m constantly making cranes out of my rubbish I have on my desk. I decided to collect them all, and once I have enough I’m going to write a blog post about making positive out of situations, or something, I’ll work on it, promise.