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27/05/2012 — May 27, 2012


Spent today at my Cardiff home sorting out my PC for it to be taken away tomorrow. During the day I went for a walk with my mum and took the opportunity to get some summer photos seeing as we’re having such lovely weather here in Wales. My mum also made scones which were just amazing (and gluten free!). Just a really nice, summery day.Image

16/05/2012 — May 17, 2012



Another day for good deliveries, this time business cards! These are my last awaited work delivery, which is great as I can relax a bit more! Just another day of university work apart from that. Got Imagemy portfolio printed which didn’t end too well, so the stress level is a bit higher today! Ah well, 4 more days!

06/04/2012 — Apr 6, 2012


Got up at 7am today to head back to Newport in order to go to the gym before work at 11am. After work I sorted out my Newport house with lovely company, then drove back to Cardiff. On the way back I took this photo, a rather picturesque scene to end a long day. Happy Friday!


14/06/11 — Jun 28, 2011


On this day we went to the market, then for a walk around the vibrant streets of Havana and met a lot of very interesting characters! The people are all very friendly, and welcome to photos, if you give them a couple of small coins. For today I’ve selected a few of the most interesting people that we met, the first image being on of my favourites.

21/05/11 — Jun 9, 2011
05/04/11 — Apr 10, 2011