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29/10/19 – Double duvet day — Oct 29, 2019
30/01/2014 – Chilly Fancies! — Feb 2, 2014

30/01/2014 – Chilly Fancies!

The winter chill has really set in this week. I’m still cycling 11 miles everyday, but fully wrapped up!

This was my evening today, gloves for cycling home and fondant fancies for pudding. I slightly regret buying these are they’re delicious and I’m struggling to dole them out to my housemates… Yum. Movie and fancies on a chilly night.


19/11/2013 – Freezing Autumn Run — Nov 19, 2013

19/11/2013 – Freezing Autumn Run

photo 2


Run, run, run. Crunch, crunch, crunch. It’s autumn! And it’s bloody cold.

Went for a 30 minute run today, and was sorely disappointed in my distance. I ran 4km before deciding running home was the perfect idea – I was just SO cold. I had already lost feeling in my hands, and had a sore knee, boo. Donning gloves next time and hoping for a better outcome!

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