20/01/2014 – Eerie Morning Run

Monday runday! Headed out to find this creepy setting. It was a good run though, happy that I’m still going! We had house viewings this evening as Kat is moving out. Met some lovely people, so hopefully we’ll have someone shortly.

13/01/2014 – The Outdoor Stride

I’ve been going to the gym nearly every weekday since being back in work, but I’ve definitely been slacking on running! I ran yesterday whilst at Fiona’s house, and that really spurred me on to get back on it in London too. So this morning I donned my grubby trainers (from Color Run 2013) andContinue reading “13/01/2014 – The Outdoor Stride”

12/11/2013 – Movie Night!

Tonight was movie night at Yarek’s with the boys, which I’m hoping will be a regular occurrence as it’s was really fun. We got Dominos and watched “There Will Be Blood” which shamefully was the first time I’ve seen it. It was a heavy film for a Tuesday night, but I really enjoyed it over all.Continue reading “12/11/2013 – Movie Night!”