01/12/18 – Christmas time begins!

My favourite time of the year has arrived and I’m spending it with my favourite person! Nic and I went to see Muppets Christmas Carol today to see in the Christmas season. I was goosebumps happy today.

17/07/15 – Labyrinth under the stars

Well, I’m still coughing my lungs up like a 50-a-day smoker but that won’t stop me cracking on with life! Tonight Nic and I went over the road to Crystal Palace Park to watch Labyrinth at a Luna Outdoor Cinema event. It was such a lovely evening and we even saw quite a few starsContinue reading “17/07/15 – Labyrinth under the stars”

25/01/2014 – Bye bye Kat

Our lovely American housemate Kat is moving out today to live with her boyfriend. Luckily it’s only a mile away, so she’ll never be far! I helped her move her stuff today and see her pretty new flat, and set up her central heating (apparently that’s what I’m good at!) and put together her bike.Continue reading “25/01/2014 – Bye bye Kat”

08/12/2013 – Hunger Games Marathon

Last day of freedom before being thrown back in to the world of 9 til 5! I’m very nervous and excited for tomorrow, woke up really jittery from the night before, and relaxed the morning away. I tried to ignore the nerves by going to the cinema with a good friend to see the newestContinue reading “08/12/2013 – Hunger Games Marathon”

09/02/2013 – Saturday Cinema Trip

I went to see Django today with some lovely company in Clapham Picture house. The cinema is a independent one, and fantastic! The movie was brilliant too – I already want to see it again! Well recommended.