23/12/15 – Cardiff Run Ins

Today began with a lovely breakfast visit from Rachel so we could present swap after yesterday. Then mum and I went for a crisp run around Cardiff to this glorious view! I’m now out for drinks with my sister and friends after eating copious amounts of all you can eat meat! Cheers to being homeContinue reading “23/12/15 – Cardiff Run Ins”

22/12/15 – Present and Correct

I had a glorious lie in today then a cheeky 3km run before heading into town to meet my cardiff based best friend, Rach, delightful. Sadly, being the useless Londoner that I now am, I forgot Wales packs a punch when it comes to weather, and thus spent the next 4 hours running around inContinue reading “22/12/15 – Present and Correct”

21/12/15 – Home for Christmas!

And already snuggling with my best friend – Meet my sister Mel who lives in Switzerland! I love Christmas so much, I’m so happy to be at home with my family for a week. I spent most of today travelling back to Wales. But I’m here now with freshly painted Christmas nails, lots of wrappingContinue reading “21/12/15 – Home for Christmas!”

18/12/15 – I’m on Christmas holiday!

Yessssss it’s officially Christmas time! Today was my last day in the office until the 6th of January!! I’m loving work at the moment, but it’s definitely time for a well earned break.. After a number of gins at works bar, I’m now back in my lovely home with my lovely man and a mugContinue reading “18/12/15 – I’m on Christmas holiday!”

06/12/15 – Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Started today off with brunch! Alyx and Jake are with us for today before heading back to Cardiff this evening. We decided to make the most of it and walk from London bridge all the way to winter wonderland in Hyde Park! We ended up walking over 13km so it’s safe to say we’re nowContinue reading “06/12/15 – Walking in a Winter Wonderland”

05/12/15 – Christmas Party Hosting!

Nic and I hosted our Christmas party today! My incredible friend Alyx and her boyfriend Jake has come to stay as well, so it’s all go here and so Christmassy! I love love love my friends. A fantastic night to fully kick off the season. Yay!

04/12/15 – Christmas Party Sequins!

It was my first Christmas party of the season today – our proper corporate party for the whole company. Work was pretty straight forward and then I donned my sequined top and we headed to the Christmassy venue of The Lodge. It was a great evening. Lovely seeing lots of people I don’t often getContinue reading “04/12/15 – Christmas Party Sequins!”

29/11/15 – Lazy Gaming Sunday

Apologies for another Christmas tree photo – two days in a row! But today I’ve literally just sat on my bum playing PS3 games with Nic.. December is going to be hectic, so we’re making the most of our downtime and it is glorious. Life is pretty swell and our living room smells like ChristmasContinue reading “29/11/15 – Lazy Gaming Sunday”

28/11/15 – Christmas has begun!

This is not a drill, people! We bought our Christmas today and I’m so happy – it was so much fun putting it up and now the living room has the most gorgeous glow about it. We drove around a lot today picking up various things including a saw to lop off the end ofContinue reading “28/11/15 – Christmas has begun!”

25/12/2013 – Merry Christmas!

This year it’s just me and my mum for Christmas Day, as my sister is off skiing. So we decided to create some new traditions! The first of which was after Christmas Day mass, we headed up to “The Hill” which is a particularly special spot for us for reasons I won’t go into now,Continue reading “25/12/2013 – Merry Christmas!”