06/01/16 – Back to the grind..

Who am I kidding? I’m very lucky that I do actually love my job and today was no exception. It’s nice to be back and to see my work friends and get some pretty exciting jobs signed off straight away. It’s 9pm though and I’m already in bed! Today has whiped me out.. London isContinue reading “06/01/16 – Back to the grind..”

05/01/16 – End to a great snowy week!

Sad times today as the final four leave Mel and Tom behind in Hasliberg.. We’ve had a fantastic week in the Swiss Alps, and I’ve had the most wonderful three weeks hanging out with my big sister! We went to Zurich today for a lush vegetarian lunch then headed out separate ways before venturing toContinue reading “05/01/16 – End to a great snowy week!”

30/12/15 – Swiss Sunset

Our first full day in Switzerland, and my first ever time snowboarding in real snow! We started on the small slopes today.. being overtaken by kids with smaller skis than my feet.. but I definitely have made progress! Slow and steady, and trying to overtake a toddler or too. At sunset Nic and I wentContinue reading “30/12/15 – Swiss Sunset”

29/12/15 – We’re in Switzerland!

We spent a majority of today travelling. But are we’re here now! Drinking and happy and ready for snowboarding tomorrow. Such a lovely day hanging out together and travelling, I love my best friend and partner, Nic.

28/12/15 – Eyeing up Christmas..

Today was mine and Nic’s Christmas! He got some super lovely gifts, including a macro lens for my phone.. I’ve been taking super close up photos all day.. here’s Nic’s eye! I’ve had the nicest of days. It’s so lovely to be home, if brief! We’re off to Switzerland tomorrow for a week long holidayContinue reading “28/12/15 – Eyeing up Christmas..”

27/12/15 – Driving home for Christmas..

… round two with Nic at home in London! Today was my last day in Cardiff and it’s been quite the relaxing one thankfully, as this week has been pretty knackering! I’m on the bus back to London now, should get in around midnight.. Then it’s mine and Nic’s Christmas day as we weren’t togetherContinue reading “27/12/15 – Driving home for Christmas..”

26/12/15 – Boxing Day at the Bay

Mum, Alana and I all went to Cardiff Bay this morning as this was Alana’s first trip to Cardiff so we thought we’d show her a bit more than just our house! It was incredibly breezy, but also as pretty as ever. The rest of the day was spent with my mum and sister relaxingContinue reading “26/12/15 – Boxing Day at the Bay”

25/12/15 – Happy Christmas!!

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you’ve all had a really lovely day, and those across the pond.. I hope you’re currently having a great day! We certainly have! My sister knitted me a mermaid tail, it’s incredible! Dinner was delicious as always and now we’re all relaxing watching tv with stuffed tummy.. Happiness is rightContinue reading “25/12/15 – Happy Christmas!!”

24/12/15 – Christmas Eve in Cardiff

A lovely and calm day today. Alana has arrived for Christmas at the Jones’, and so we all went for a walk in between the rainy Wales weather around the village. This evening it was time for pizza and Home Alone – this is what Christmas about, relaxation and.. Pizza.. Happy Christmas Eve!