16/12/20 – Christmas puzzle!

This time next week I’ll be in Cardiff with my mum for Christmas! It seems our safe plan can still go ahead. Nic and I are currently staying away from any shops, bars, pubs and restaurants (though most of these are shut anyway) in order to be as safe as we can for Christmas withContinue reading “16/12/20 – Christmas puzzle!”

15/12/20 – Christmas Countdown

With ten days to go until Christmas, the UK is apprehensive about a potential change to the “Christmas bubble” situation the government are trying to organise. I’ve already got a plan together with my mum and sister about how we can meet and not break the law (what a crazy sentence) I just hope thatContinue reading “15/12/20 – Christmas Countdown”

07/12/20 – Wise words

I had an awful morning today. Over tired and emotional. I did get the chance to read some more of my book though, A Christmas Carol, and reached my most favourite quote from it (in the photo!) This evening I ran 2 miles to then go swimming with a friend and ran back home. ItContinue reading “07/12/20 – Wise words”

06/12/20 – We’ve decked the halls!

The Christmas tree has been bought and decorated and the living room now smells amazing. I just love Christmas so much, even though no one will be seeing the tree this year in person due to Covid! It’s still nice having it up and dominating the living room (full photo to come this week!). TodayContinue reading “06/12/20 – We’ve decked the halls!”

03/12/20 – Tiny fox repair

This little guy was on sale in Sainsbury’s as he had a split open coat sleeve. So I did what any sane person would do and bought him! This evening I sewed up his sleeve so he’s now ready and raring to go on the Christmas tree come Saturday! Isn’t he the cutest? And nowContinue reading “03/12/20 – Tiny fox repair”

16/11/19 – Christmas is coming!

I popped into town today to pick up a couple things and my laptop from work. I ended up walking from Oxford Street to Balckfirars and I’m so pleased I did! It was so lovely with all the Christmas decorations and happy people. It really put a big smile on my face.

01/12/18 – Christmas time begins!

My favourite time of the year has arrived and I’m spending it with my favourite person! Nic and I went to see Muppets Christmas Carol today to see in the Christmas season. I was goosebumps happy today.

08/01/16 – The Hateful Eight Date

Date night! It’s finally Friday after my very long three day week at work.. Ehem.. Nic and I went out for tapas after I finished work then to see The Hateful Eight 70mm showing in Leicester Square! It was the biggest cinema I’ve ever been to, and even had someone come on to introduce theContinue reading “08/01/16 – The Hateful Eight Date”

07/01/16 – PC evening glow

Another early start at work, another full, busy day! I’m very much looking forward to the weekend already, just one more day.. This evening Nic and I went through our big camera holiday photos! I loved the glow of the PC on his face and managed to get this photo, I’m pleased how it turnedContinue reading “07/01/16 – PC evening glow”