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08/01/16 – The Hateful Eight Date — Jan 9, 2016

08/01/16 – The Hateful Eight Date

Date night! It’s finally Friday after my very long three day week at work.. Ehem.. Nic and I went out for tapas after I finished work then to see The Hateful Eight 70mm showing in Leicester Square! It was the biggest cinema I’ve ever been to, and even had someone come on to introduce the film..! A very lovely end to my reduced working week.


07/01/16 – PC evening glow — Jan 7, 2016

07/01/16 – PC evening glow

Another early start at work, another full, busy day! I’m very much looking forward to the weekend already, just one more day..

This evening Nic and I went through our big camera holiday photos! I loved the glow of the PC on his face and managed to get this photo, I’m pleased how it turned out. Here’s to more sleep and more photography experiments in 2016!


06/01/16 – Back to the grind.. — Jan 6, 2016

06/01/16 – Back to the grind..

Who am I kidding? I’m very lucky that I do actually love my job and today was no exception. It’s nice to be back and to see my work friends and get some pretty exciting jobs signed off straight away.

It’s 9pm though and I’m already in bed! Today has whiped me out.. London is hiring when you’ve been away from it all for nearly three weeks!


05/01/16 – End to a great snowy week! — Jan 5, 2016

05/01/16 – End to a great snowy week!

Sad times today as the final four leave Mel and Tom behind in Hasliberg.. We’ve had a fantastic week in the Swiss Alps, and I’ve had the most wonderful three weeks hanging out with my big sister!

We went to Zurich today for a lush vegetarian lunch then headed out separate ways before venturing to the airport. All relatively smooth after that, and we’re now finally tucked up back in our London bed. Night night everyone, I’m pooped..


31/12/15 – Snowboarding New Years Eve! — Jan 1, 2016
30/12/15 – Swiss Sunset — Dec 30, 2015

30/12/15 – Swiss Sunset

Our first full day in Switzerland, and my first ever time snowboarding in real snow! We started on the small slopes today.. being overtaken by kids with smaller skis than my feet.. but I definitely have made progress! Slow and steady, and trying to overtake a toddler or too.

At sunset Nic and I went for a walk around to capture the sunset – by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve been.


29/12/15 – We’re in Switzerland! —
28/12/15 – Eyeing up Christmas.. — Dec 28, 2015

28/12/15 – Eyeing up Christmas..

Today was mine and Nic’s Christmas! He got some super lovely gifts, including a macro lens for my phone.. I’ve been taking super close up photos all day.. here’s Nic’s eye!

I’ve had the nicest of days. It’s so lovely to be home, if brief! We’re off to Switzerland tomorrow for a week long holiday of relaxing, drinking and snowboarding!