06/12/20 – We’ve decked the halls!

The Christmas tree has been bought and decorated and the living room now smells amazing. I just love Christmas so much, even though no one will be seeing the tree this year in person due to Covid! It’s still nice having it up and dominating the living room (full photo to come this week!). TodayContinue reading “06/12/20 – We’ve decked the halls!”

02/12/2013 – Back on the Commute

Spent the day freelancing near Old Street today. It was lovely being back in an office, get’s a bit boring being at home working all the time. Met up with friends from uni after work which was nice as ever, then back on the crowded tube once again!

03/12/2012 – Christmas is in our flat!

  Claire and I were reunited today at long last, and she brought Christmas with her in the shape of our small, yet beautifully formed Christmas tree and decorations! It now sits with pride of place on our table.

29/11/2012 – Last Snap of a Beautiful City

This was my last photo of New York City – The Rockefeller Christmas Tree in all its glory. We left the hotel (we stayed in the Waldorf Astoria by the way, it was just beautiful!) at 5;30am to get to the airport, but asked the taxi to go via the tree as it was only lit last night, andContinue reading “29/11/2012 – Last Snap of a Beautiful City”