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19/08/15 – Call me Dr Cat — Aug 19, 2015

19/08/15 – Call me Dr Cat

It’s been an uneventfully rainy day in london today. Though I did meet this lovely guy who had made the doctors waiting room his home this morning.

A few chin scritches then it was off to work! Nic and I got absolutely soaked on the way home so we made a point of having sausages, beans and mash for dinner – comfort food!


09/08/2012 – Things will work out — Aug 10, 2012

09/08/2012 – Things will work out

This was put up in my office a few days ago by one of the developers I believe – love it.

My new job is going well, I’m very busy, but doing what I love, graphic design. I read a few months ago “Happiness is a journey, not a destination” – as corny as that sounds and normally the sort of quote that would be in Helvetica on top of an unrelated photo of the Eiffel Tower, I like it.
Too many times I feel like I’m working towards a final outcome where I’ll be happy, but I should be happy now, and living life now. 

And last, to quote the amazing Monty Python. –

You’ll see it’s all a show,
Keep ’em laughing as you go.
Just remember that the last laugh is on you.

13/06/2012 – KITTY! — Jun 18, 2012

13/06/2012 – KITTY!

Back in work today, they got my a bottle of champagne for getting my new job! Really going to miss them when I leave. Spent the evening hanging out with the boys as they’re both moving out on Friday. This fluff ball stares at us some days from the fence.. cute though!


24/03/11 — Mar 25, 2011