26/11/15 – Happy Birthday Mum!

Today was my wonderful mum’s birthday! We started the day off slow then took the train into central London for lunch at Millbank. After a spot of shopping and some afternoon birthday processco in Selfridges, it was time for her birthday present – afternoon tea on a London bus! I’m pleased to say it wasContinue reading “26/11/15 – Happy Birthday Mum!”

04/11/15 – Pug birthday cake!

Today was my colleague Jon’s birthday! I managed to pickup this awesome pug cake for him (as he really wants a pug). Isn’t it totally adorable.. In a slightly bug eyed way.. It has been a long day today.. We have another Scottish workshop on Friday so I left work quite late tonight making sureContinue reading “04/11/15 – Pug birthday cake!”

02/02/2014 – 10k and cake!

It was a gorgeous morning today, so I decided to not be a lazy bum – I woke up in a fantastic mood and I know I always run great when happy so I popped on my trainers and headed to Battersea Park. Running to the park, doing two laps and running back is 10km,Continue reading “02/02/2014 – 10k and cake!”

08/06/2012 – I GOT A JOB!

AMAZING NEWS TODAY! I got the job in London that I mentioned when going there for interviews! In July I’ll be moving to London to be a web/graphic designer at Digital Window! Today was an awesome day, I had to quickly have a meeting with the external examiner at uni, in which I was so giddy we chatted forContinue reading “08/06/2012 – I GOT A JOB!”