21/03/2013 – Birthday Presents!

Another busy day, but came home to presents in my postbox, but a broken key! finally got it straight again and got my package, not to be opened until Monday. Then sorted my flat out as my best friend is coming to stay this weekend to start celebrating my birthday on Monday!

31/08/2012 – Wanderers of Waterloo

This weekend I’m going to Claire’s home in Andover for her mum’s birthday. We got the train there straight after work from Waterloo where I took this photo quickly! I’m excited, should be a lovely weekend away!

18/06/2012 – Giraffe in a Phone Box!

Another long(ish) drive today as I head to Langley to stay with my sister for a couple nights. We headed into London today to get lunch, and scope out some areas as I’ll be moving to London next month for my new job! (Exciting and terrifying!) Saw this giraffe in a telephone box which afterContinue reading “18/06/2012 – Giraffe in a Phone Box!”