09/09/15 – I’m in meaty heaven

Today consisted of what I would call a balanced diet… But maybe you won’t agree.. It started off with a 5 mile run at 6am before work (which went much better than my California runs, goodbye muggy mornings!). Then at lunchtime I went to an hour long yoga class. Healthy healthy right? Wrong.. I thenContinue reading “09/09/15 – I’m in meaty heaven”

18/12/2013 – Burger Buddy!

Today I got to see the fantastic Claire! She’s my old housemate who was on this blog quite a lot before we changed houses! We’re starting a new ‘thing’ where each time we meet up we go to a new burger place. Tonight I took her to Haché, one of my favourite burger places inContinue reading “18/12/2013 – Burger Buddy!”

14/09/2012 – Hangover Hamburger

I’m still high of life! I was quite the hungover girl today, as I was cleared from work at the event at 11pm last night, which meant I had 5 hours to carry on drinking, socialising and running around helping out still at the event. We were allowed a last start in work today, asContinue reading “14/09/2012 – Hangover Hamburger”