08/11/15 – Bubble and Squeak Sunday

My bike got a well earned clean today! Nic and I spent a good hour turning it from a grubby grey to a squeaky clean white, and switched the sadle, so I’m giddy for my smooth-riding commute tomorrow. Apart from that we’ve not really done much.. Nic is only just back from holiday so we’veContinue reading “08/11/15 – Bubble and Squeak Sunday”

11/06/2012 – Rainy Day Bubbles

Went for lunch today with my sister, her boyfriend and my mum. We went to a really nice place by the transporter bridge in Newport. After that just chilled in the house with the boys and played with bubbles with David, it’s our last week together as a house! Sad times. If you look closelyContinue reading “11/06/2012 – Rainy Day Bubbles”