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09/06/2012 – Crimping and Cream — Jun 10, 2012

09/06/2012 – Crimping and Cream

Today consisted mainly of two things, my sister completely ‘crimping’ my hair, and having scones, clotted cream and strawberries (amazing!). On a side note, I also took my PC in to get fixed AGAIN, and should get it back next week sometime..  AND we had McDonald’s breakfast, which is always worth a mention, I love having my sister home.

10/04/2012 — Apr 11, 2012


Well, after over 6 weeks of lent, I finally got my first McDonalds, and it was worth the 800+ calories. Calm day today, moved back to Newport after having breakfast with my sister and popping into town. I’ll be back and forth between Newport and Cardiff now untill June.


17/05/11 — May 24, 2011