02/10/2013 – What’re you reading?

I’m currently looking at redesigning/improving my website http://www.stephjones.co.uk. Mainly, I need to get some sort of portfolio on there! Enter Web Design: Portfolios by Ed. Julius Wiedemann, a really good book that has countless examples of different online portfolios. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a bit of offline inspiration. I love design books. I haveContinue reading “02/10/2013 – What’re you reading?”

08/06/2012 – I GOT A JOB!

AMAZING NEWS TODAY! I got the job in London that I mentioned when going there for interviews! In July I’ll be moving to London to be a web/graphic designer at Digital Window! Today was an awesome day, I had to quickly have a meeting with the external examiner at uni, in which I was so giddy we chatted forContinue reading “08/06/2012 – I GOT A JOB!”