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03/02/2014 – Chicken and a good book — Feb 4, 2014

03/02/2014 – Chicken and a good book

I have had a lovely day today for a variety of reasons. A few examples being a I had great day in work, followed by Earls Court Road being blocked off so there were no cars whilst cycling home, then I went to Nandos with the ever delightful Kat (former housemate) and finally snuggled up in bed with “Just my Type” one of my favourite graphic design books! This Monday was a swell Monday, let’s hope the rest of the week plays nicely too.


05/09/2012 – My First Published Work! — Sep 6, 2012

05/09/2012 – My First Published Work!

Today I received the news that the ad I designed last week was in today’s issue of the Guardian! I nerdily ran out at lunch to buy a copy, and here’s the advert! I’m really happy, it was a 2 day turnaround and it’s come out well (I think). Yay! I then had a lovely evening sat on the balcony reading my book (Just My Type, well recommended) and watched the sunset, happy Steph is happy.


15/05/2012 — May 15, 2012


My last book arrived today for Monday’s hand-in and I’m happy with it! Took some photos for my portfolio so I thought I’d post them as today’s photo/s. Apart from my book arriving I was just in uni again all day working. Only 5 days left now! And I got my app working oImagen my iPad, will do some update of that soon.

03/05/2012 — May 3, 2012


Today was such a lovely day. Decided to lie in a bit (!) until 9 and then headed to university where the book I’m currently designing (and pictured above) was well received! I’m looking so get it sent to the printers by tomorrow night. Claire came round after uni to watch Tangled (my favourite film) and then we went for a massage, and finally made cookies! In the evening my other friend Maddy came round, after I got more work done. Amazing day!