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02/03/2014 – Muddy Wellies and Happiness — Mar 2, 2014

02/03/2014 – Muddy Wellies and Happiness

Last day in Kent before heading back to London this afternoon. I decided to make the most of it with an early walk to the beach at Herne Bay, great decision as it was the best weather I saw of the day!

Once I got back, we all donned wellies and headed to the forest to walk Annie the dog. It’s such a change from the hustle and bustle of London, a welcomed break to see my lovely relatives, but I love my city life deep down.


18/02/2014 – Lighter Nights! — Feb 19, 2014

18/02/2014 – Lighter Nights!

Slowly but surely, ray by ray, the evenings are getting lighter once again! Took this as I left Clapham Junction around 6pm, beautiful sky.

Took my bike to get fixed today, hoping to get it back on Thursday. Then met up with the lovely Claire for wine, popcorn and gore movie night! Lovely day.


30/09/2012 – Another Day in Cardiff — Oct 5, 2012

30/09/2012 – Another Day in Cardiff

Another day of not doing much.. Popped into town with my sister to get some shopping done, nothing too exciting. But I’m enjoying just relaxing around my Cardiff home -funny things you miss when you live in a modern flat.. like carpet throughout the house.. and non-leather sofas (hate them!), and curtains! Man I have no luck with blinds..

30/07/2012 – ‘Barclies’ Bikes — Jul 31, 2012

30/07/2012 – ‘Barclies’ Bikes

Back in work today after a relaxing weekend. Not much happened today, but I did spot this just before I grabbed my bike to go home. I’ve been using ‘Barclays Bikes’ to get to and from work. They work out at £1 a day (I’m going to buy a yearly membership tomorrow for £48, bargin!), WAY cheaper than the tube, quicker and healthier too, I’m loving it. This is why I like London, someone put effort into doing this, to get a message out, it’s that creativity that I enjoy about this city.

14/05/2012 — May 14, 2012


Another day working away at uni with a lovely trip to revs for a break and yum lunch (only one more Monday uni lunch left, sad times!). Took this photo walking home, I was being chased by an upcoming storm, and made it home within minutes of it pouring down! Only 6 days left until my final be all and end all hand in at uni! It’s just flown past.


10/05/2012 — May 11, 2012


Spent today in uni working on my iPad app I’m creating in InDesign. It’s stressful, but I’m hoping it’ll be worth the effort. Went to get money out later on with my housemate and stumbled upon this just up the road from us. It’s a fantastic, richly coloured building so I had to take a photo. With it’s worn down paint and abandoned feel, it seems so bleak.


22/04/2012 — Apr 23, 2012




I wallowed around my room for the first part of today. The last 4 weeks of uni are coming up, and it’s really taking it’s toll, I’m tired and stressed. So as a method of cheering myself up I went for a drive to Cardiff to see my mum for a bit, it was lovely, and definitely cheered me up. Need to really get down into work this week, and stop getting overwhelmed. Just four more weeks to go!

06/04/2012 — Apr 6, 2012


Got up at 7am today to head back to Newport in order to go to the gym before work at 11am. After work I sorted out my Newport house with lovely company, then drove back to Cardiff. On the way back I took this photo, a rather picturesque scene to end a long day. Happy Friday!


29/03/2012 — Mar 29, 2012
28/03/2012 — Mar 28, 2012


ImageAnother lovely day! Britain is having amazing weather at the moment, making it very difficult to stay in work for 6 hours like today.. took this on the way home to Cardiff as it was just such a nice afternoon.