29/03/2014 – Melly’s Birthday Night!

If ever a photo to sum up a night! Smiles with me, my sister and her lovely friend. Surprised Melly at home with mum and she was over the moon! It’s been a fantastic day hanging out with her and Ing ๐Ÿ™‚ Thoroughly enjoying myself in Cardiff, as always, it’s fantastic to be home!

28/03/2014 – Rainy Travel

I’m off to Wales for the weekend to surprise my sister for her birthday weekend! I’m getting the bus down for a change, but it’s the slightly fancy one.. ooOOoo.. Rain has arrived though, so I’m going back to sleep. Wake me up when we’re in Cardiff.

27/03/2014 – Healthy Yums

My new favourite lunch, sweet chilli chicken noodle salad with extra chicken! I’m all about my protein recently, and enjoying incorporating it into my daily calories. Followed by a lovely afternoon peppermint tea, lovely.

26/03/2014 – Home Designing

Had to work from home today while I waited in for our new fridge delivery. Not much happening apart from that! Long run this morning of 7.5 miles and feeling great ๐Ÿ™‚

25/03/2014 – I’m Twenty Three!

Happy birthday to meeeeee! This blog has now seen four of my birthdays! I had a fantastic day, which started off with birthday pancakes at The Breakfast Club with Nic from work! Then it was off to work, before walking home (in the light!) and having dominos for the first time this year with myContinue reading “25/03/2014 – I’m Twenty Three!”

24/03/2014 – Birthday Eve recovery

Something I did manage to do yesterday was my birthday manicure ready for tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ On a detox today, ready for the upcoming week of indulgence! Kiwi at the ready, let’s start out as we intend to continue.

23/03/2014 – Ow, my head

Well, last night was fantastic, but I am more than paying for it today.. I woke up, are cake and drank cava, probably not my brightest idea! All my friends slowly dispersed throughout the morning, leaving Duncan and Rachy to drive to McDonalds.. A-mazing. Then after they left it was more wallowing and PS3. SuchContinue reading “23/03/2014 – Ow, my head”

22/03/2014 – Steph’s Birthday Party!

My 23rd birthday party was today!! Daemon and Maddy both from uni, arrived this morning! I’m so lucky for everyone travelling to London, it was absolutely fantastic – a full day and night with my pinnacle favourites!

21/03/2014 – Birthday Cake #2!

My lovely housemate Polly made me this beautiful cake for my birthday party tomorrow! I have the nicest friends and I’m truly basking in it this week ๐Ÿ™‚ My best friends from home Alyx and Rachy arrived tonight, we drank wine and ate pasta and garlic bread, delicious start to the weekend with my besties!Continue reading “21/03/2014 – Birthday Cake #2!”

20/03/2014 – It’s Fall Out Boy!

The marvellous Duncan bought me tickets for my birthday to see Fall Out Boy who I actually love! It was a fantastic night, we got so close and they performed brilliantly! I was totally high on life, love it, happy birthday me!