15/04/21 – Down by the water

There’s nothing quite like a sunset stroll to calm down after a busy day at work. And this evening, that’s just what mum and I did. We popped down the bay to walk on the waterfront for an hour just nattering away as the sun dipped below the horizon. I even managed to get someContinue reading “15/04/21 – Down by the water”

23/11/20 – Local wanderer

Nic and I have today and tomorrow booked off work. Today we walked seven miles around our local area wandering the scenic routes between errands. We stopped for a while to watch these parakeets shouting loudly at a squirrel in that hole in the tree! We’re not too sure who we were rooting for though…Continue reading “23/11/20 – Local wanderer”

19/10/2013 – Bike to Birds

Earlyish Saturday start today for a bit of cycling around tooting bec with a friend. Sausage sandwiches, bird spotting and cycling makes for a lovely Saturday morning. Then, of course, more GTA. I’m going to start lying soon about how much time I spend on that game.