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10/04/16 – Last lap of Cambridge — Apr 10, 2016
09/04/16 – Gin gin gin! — Apr 9, 2016

09/04/16 – Gin gin gin!

We might have went a bit hard last night on the old cocktails… but it was great fun! After a somewhat hungover yet lovely breakfast at the BnB we strolled down to the Gin Festival, our main reason for heading to Cambridge this weekend. It was much smaller than London Gin Festival but we preferred that as there was a lot less queueing… A much calmer day today, but one we definitely both needed!


08/04/16 – River punting in Cambridge  — Apr 8, 2016

08/04/16 – River punting in Cambridge 

I’ve had a great first day in Cambridge, we saw the bridge of sighs and walked around the botanical gardens, both of which were so lovely and relaxing. Food and drink were supplied by a variety of local restaurants all of which were great. Looking forward to tomorrow’s day full of gin!!