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25/06/2012 – My Worldly Belongings — Jul 7, 2012
24/06/2012 – My Lovely Mum — Jun 24, 2012

24/06/2012 – My Lovely Mum

Today has been a day of sorting, and believe it or not headway has been made. The top photo is of my messy messy room, that by tomorrow evening shall be in a much better state, and the second is of my beautiful mum, I’m loving having her company now I’m home.
I bought the full Photoshop App today for my iPad, and can now combine two photos on my iPad, so I’ve eliminated now the use of my laptop for my blog! Huzzah. This means I now have no excuse to not upload on time!


22/06/2012 – Stage 2, Goodbye Number 18 —

22/06/2012 – Stage 2, Goodbye Number 18

Another day in work, followed by hours of cleaning the house in hope to get our deposit back. It’s all gleaming, and everything has been moved out. It’s a sad day, as I have loved living in this house, even with all the things that have gone wrong with the blinds and lights etc. The boys are amazing, and I love them loads, and can honestly say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time under this roof, and in Newport altogether! Goodbye number 18, it’s been swell.

21/06/2012 – Stage 1 of Leaving Newport —
27/04/2012 — Apr 28, 2012


Another day in the shop (playing with FTP clients), and then more university work. I took this photo to remind me to tidy my room and make me feel guilty about how messy it is, what I didn’t notice was how much this photo describes me without intention! It’s got mess, technology (iPad),  my laptop, work books, skipping rope, flute book and lightsaber! So many random things. But yeah, NEED TO TIDY!

07/07/11 — Jul 9, 2011