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02/11/2012 – Lippy-Stick — Nov 13, 2012

02/11/2012 – Lippy-Stick

Today I’m off to my Aunties in Kent for the night! And in relating news, what a better place to put on lipstick than a train.. I have no compact mirror at the moment, so used my phone to check if it was all over my face, turns out it was the only photo I took today. So, here is my face.

29/09/2012 – 1940’s Pamper — Oct 5, 2012

29/09/2012 – 1940’s Pamper

With all the wallowing going around at the moment I decided to cheer myself up a bit and relax, and what better way to do that than getting my nails done (shellac, a hard solid resin over the nails that lasts around 2 weeks without chipping or getting dull) and a haircut! To explain the first photo, I didn’t want my new hair getting all messed up in mum’s car, so I went 1940’s with my scarf!

09/06/2012 – Crimping and Cream — Jun 10, 2012

09/06/2012 – Crimping and Cream

Today consisted mainly of two things, my sister completely ‘crimping’ my hair, and having scones, clotted cream and strawberries (amazing!). On a side note, I also took my PC in to get fixed AGAIN, and should get it back next week sometime..  AND we had McDonald’s breakfast, which is always worth a mention, I love having my sister home.

19/05/2012 — May 20, 2012


My second to last full day of work before Monday’s final hand-in. I’ve now finished my iPad app! Random fact about me is when I’m stressed is I paint my nails (normally as an annoying form of procrasImagetination) then due to feeling stressed I pick it off again… today was no exception, and in the last week my nails have been loads of different colours. As another side note, hello to all my new subscribers! You’re all so lovely to keep up with this blog and I really appreciate it! Follow me on Twitter and say hello! 🙂 @stephhh

13/04/2012 — Apr 13, 2012


A long day at work today, but I found out I can carry on working their throughout the summer which is great! Once I got home I carried on with some work and continued with the Harry Potter marathon I’m in the middle with David. Then as an idea he helped me photograph dandelions as you set them on fire! This was the result, and I think I’m going to do a blog post with more burning flowers. I like the mix of emotions.