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01/02/2014 – Skindred and Soil, it’s gig night! — Feb 3, 2014

01/02/2014 – Skindred and Soil, it’s gig night!

Today was a busy day, had a lovely long lie in before headed out to Haché on Clapham High Street to meet up with the lovely Jasmin! After swapping stories over wine, we headed to a pub to watch the first two games of the Six Nations… Wales obvious won, wheeeey.

After that I hopped on the tube to meet Duncan in Kentish Town to see Skindred, Soil and Viza. Three really good rock bands. Amazing night, I’m always at my happiness in gigs. We were right at the front and although I took a bit of a beating from mosh pits, it was definitely worth it! Second time seeing Skindred and they did not let me down!


09/12/2013 – First Day and The D!! — Dec 14, 2013

09/12/2013 – First Day and The D!!

First day at my new job and I’m already loving it! WHAT a day I’ve had.
In the office it was just meeting people, setting everything up and becoming more familiar and settled. Everyone is super friendly, and we had our Christmas team night out – I feel spoiled already here!
After the meal and a few drinks I headed to Shepard’s Bush to see Tenacious D do an acoustic set. WHAT a day. Fantastic. I’m super happy.


23/10/2013 – Goodbye Bowling for Soup — Oct 24, 2013

23/10/2013 – Goodbye Bowling for Soup

Another gig! Bowling for Soup host their farewell tour for the UK. They’re aiming to end on a high, and they did nothing short of just that.

A brilliant night to see the boys off, but they reassured they’ll be back at festivals in the UK, so that’s good news.

I also went for afternoon tea today with my mum in The Hilton Hotel, Hyde Park. It was definitely one of the top teas we’ve had! Though I could hardly walk afterwards for being so full…

10/12/2012 – I finally saw The Cat Empire! — Dec 13, 2012

10/12/2012 – I finally saw The Cat Empire!

2012-12-10 22.37.37 HDR

For those that don’t know me too well, this is my all time favourite band. It’s a rare thing for me to settle on a top favourite, a number one, a pinicle of the best! But for bands, it’s The Cat Empire, no questions asked. I’ve had these tickets since April, and you might think 8 months of build up is a long time to not get your expectations let down at the end, but luckily, you’d be wrong. It was bloody fantastic – they’re my number 1 for a reason.

24/10/2012 – TENACIOUS D! — Nov 13, 2012
04/08/2012 – We saw McFly! Loving life. — Aug 6, 2012

04/08/2012 – We saw McFly! Loving life.

Claire and I went to see McFly today!! They performed in Hyde Park as part of the BT Live festival. And before anyone makes fun of me, I loved it, and don’t care! It was amazing seeing them live, and I’ll be dead cold before I’ll turn down the opportunity to dance around in a field to some upbeat music! Love it!

27/06/11 — Jul 7, 2011


It took nearly 24 hours of travel to get home, and with a 5 hour time difference we were pretty knackered. Took this on the coach, before the last 4 hours of travel back to Cardiff. Tanned and with my hotel wristband a bit battered after 2 weeks!