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19/09/17 – Turning leaves — Sep 19, 2017

19/09/17 – Turning leaves

I read an article the other day that said Britain is unique for it’s multitude of leaf colours. I can’t believe this is specific to us as I know I’ve seen photos from other countries having amazing autumnal scenes. But either way it’s made me really take notice of the beautiful colours changing around me!

21/10/15 – Autumnal evenings are here! — Oct 21, 2015

21/10/15 – Autumnal evenings are here!

I’m off again to Scotland tomorrow for work, which meant I was later leaving the office tonight as I finished everything off. It’s all done though! And I’m ready for my 5am alarm.. though maybe not mentally..

Nic and I decided to meet in Victoria so we could go home together as we were both running late – bonus! We ended up having a lovely Autumnal walk home from the station through Sydenham. I love living slightly out of London, it’s so calm here in the evenings, especially this time of year.


20/09/15 – Crunchy Leaves and Relaxation — Sep 20, 2015

20/09/15 – Crunchy Leaves and Relaxation

Nic and I booked in today as an official duvet two weeks ago… It was well needed as the last month has felt non-stop. I’m feeling very chilled this evening so it’s definitely worked!

Being true to myself, I struggled to do absolutely nothing.. so I cycled down to Penge in the morning and had the great delight of cycling over all the crunchy leaves! Autumn is such a great time of the year, even if I end up taking lots of journey detours to get the next leaf!


11/09/15 – Raining Acorns — Sep 11, 2015

11/09/15 – Raining Acorns

What a lovely Friday I’ve had so far – I say so far as we’re currently waiting on the arrival of Nic’s parents so that’ll be nice as well!

Today was a good day in work as I plowed through a lot of work, and had ‘breakfast for lunch’ with Fae! Then to top it all off as I walked home I could hear all the acorns falling from the oak trees so had to stop to take a photo so I could remember it.

Busy weekend coming up, but I’m definitely pleased to welcome it in.


19/11/2013 – Freezing Autumn Run — Nov 19, 2013

19/11/2013 – Freezing Autumn Run

photo 2


Run, run, run. Crunch, crunch, crunch. It’s autumn! And it’s bloody cold.

Went for a 30 minute run today, and was sorely disappointed in my distance. I ran 4km before deciding running home was the perfect idea – I was just SO cold. I had already lost feeling in my hands, and had a sore knee, boo. Donning gloves next time and hoping for a better outcome!

13/11/2013 – Cambridge to see Callum! — Nov 15, 2013
04/11/2013 – It’s coming! — Nov 7, 2013

04/11/2013 – It’s coming!

Ahhh winter. It’ll soon be time to pull up your woolly socks, pop on a woolly hat, and slip into something more woollier.

With November’s arrival it’s brought along lovely Autumny weather of bright blue skies, crisp morning, and crunchy leaves (~soggy). Hot chocolates become more frequent and did I mention it’s time to crack out the woolies? Lovely.