19/09/17 – Turning leaves

I read an article the other day that said Britain is unique for it’s multitude of leaf colours. I can’t believe this is specific to us as I know I’ve seen photos from other countries having amazing autumnal scenes. But either way it’s made me really take notice of the beautiful colours changing around me!

21/10/15 – Autumnal evenings are here!

I’m off again to Scotland tomorrow for work, which meant I was later leaving the office tonight as I finished everything off. It’s all done though! And I’m ready for my 5am alarm.. though maybe not mentally.. Nic and I decided to meet in Victoria so we could go home together as we were bothContinue reading “21/10/15 – Autumnal evenings are here!”

20/09/15 – Crunchy Leaves and Relaxation

Nic and I booked in today as an official duvet two weeks ago… It was well needed as the last month has felt non-stop. I’m feeling very chilled this evening so it’s definitely worked! Being true to myself, I struggled to do absolutely nothing.. so I cycled down to Penge in the morning and hadContinue reading “20/09/15 – Crunchy Leaves and Relaxation”

11/09/15 – Raining Acorns

What a lovely Friday I’ve had so far – I say so far as we’re currently waiting on the arrival of Nic’s parents so that’ll be nice as well! Today was a good day in work as I plowed through a lot of work, and had ‘breakfast for lunch’ with Fae! Then to top itContinue reading “11/09/15 – Raining Acorns”

19/11/2013 – Freezing Autumn Run

  Run, run, run. Crunch, crunch, crunch. It’s autumn! And it’s bloody cold. Went for a 30 minute run today, and was sorely disappointed in my distance. I ran 4km before deciding running home was the perfect idea – I was just SO cold. I had already lost feeling in my hands, and had aContinue reading “19/11/2013 – Freezing Autumn Run”

13/11/2013 – Cambridge to see Callum!

  A really nice break away from busy London today 🙂 Doggies, mud, rambling and the lovely Callum! He’s been in my blog before from when I lived with him in third year of uni, memories! Autumn has truly set in, and it’s left beautiful orange scenery everywhere, love it.

04/11/2013 – It’s coming!

Ahhh winter. It’ll soon be time to pull up your woolly socks, pop on a woolly hat, and slip into something more woollier. With November’s arrival it’s brought along lovely Autumny weather of bright blue skies, crisp morning, and crunchy leaves (~soggy). Hot chocolates become more frequent and did I mention it’s time to crackContinue reading “04/11/2013 – It’s coming!”

25/10/2012 – Autumn has set in!

Well, it’s not as if summer has been with us all that much recently, but the leaves are definitely turning and it paints a very beautiful scene. Didn’t do much today, Tenacious D were just amazing yesterday, so I’m still buzzing off that!

21/10/2012 – It’s Baby Squirrel Season!

[Link to my Flickr for more photos!] Someone mentioned this morning on Reddit that it was “Baby Squirrel Season”, I had nothing planned for my Sunday so I thought “why the hell not”! Chucked my bobble hat and scarf on, and got the tube to St James’ Park by Buckingham Palace. The squirrels are quite tame! IContinue reading “21/10/2012 – It’s Baby Squirrel Season!”

16/10/2012 – Tube Trip at Lunch

I went for a run today at 6:15am, me! Of all people, you’d least expect. I’m enjoying this running malark. After that it was another normal day at the office (heh, I can say that now). With a quick tube ride at lunchtime to Strand to get a refund from Pizza Hut who charged meContinue reading “16/10/2012 – Tube Trip at Lunch”