27/01/2012 – Bye to Cousin, Hello to my Bed!

I’ve had a fantastic weekend with my sister and cousin! Nic is heading home today, which in itself is sad, but does mean I get my bed back and to say goodbye to this make shift deal! (Love you really Nic!)

26/01/2013 – The Three Ladies!

Two of my favourite people on top of my favourite place in London. This is my lovely sister and cousin as we stand on Primrose Hill, looking over London. Sometimes chilly, but always lovely.

25/01/2013 – That was fast!

I do enjoy this type of clever advertising. This happened only 2 days ago, and now it’s in the papers already! I was quite impressed. Also my cousin and sister are down for this weekend, and for that, I am verrrry excited Steph!

24/01/2013 – COCK.. Fosters (I’m a big kid)

Let me divulge into my love of lists. So much so, my good friend Sue and I have made a list of all the tube stations, and we’re now checking them off, one by one. Tonight after I finished work, we travelled the full length of the Metropolitan Line, and most of the Piccadilly line,Continue reading “24/01/2013 – COCK.. Fosters (I’m a big kid)”

23/01/2013 – I’m just Splendid!

How you feeling today? I feel like my mood has taken a 180 degree turn from the first few weeks of this month! Everything’s coming up Milhouse and I’m feeling splendid – as portrayed by my daily mood desk flipbook! If anything, keep smiling.

22/01/2013 – My lovely new mini!

I’m quite aware I’m a lucky lady sometimes! We all received our Christmas bonus’ this week – lovely little iPad minis! I’m very happy with mine, it’s a great size to work on but also carry about. Haven’t stopped using it!

31/10/2012 – Slightly Embarrassing

  Well… I did it, I bought the iPhone 5. Responses so far haven’t been great from people seeing me with it, but I’m happy. The camera spec is awesome for one thing! (as seen taking pictures of my PJ’s again..)