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04/01/16 – Snowy Boarding — Jan 4, 2016

04/01/16 – Snowy Boarding

Today was our last day on the slopes! We started it off with a red run, my third time now(!) but Nic’s first, he did great! We both loved it. The heavens then opened and we had so much snow!

After lunch Tom taught me how to ski, I got the hang of the basics as he was a good teacher and together with Mel we went down the blue run with me on skis! This holiday has been fantastic, a real test of my ballsiness but it’s been so much fun!! Babies first snow holiday has been a complete success!


03/01/16 – Snowboarding my first Red Run! — Jan 3, 2016

03/01/16 – Snowboarding my first Red Run!

Hasliberg got hit with a fresh batch of snow last night! Though no more slopes were open the ones that were were in a much better condition today, so I boarded my first ever red run!

The views were the main change between the level up in piste! Being that high up in the mountains was incredible.. And I managed to end up at the bottom safe and sound.. Twice! Progress!


02/01/16 – Hiking the Alps — Jan 2, 2016

02/01/16 – Hiking the Alps

Day off from snowboarding today! We decided to do a spot of hiking and ended up following the river up the mountain. We eventually ran into a big snow storm.. But that’s good as it means the snow is arriving! We made it to the top eventually and it was super great day, with less injurys than the previous days of snowboarding so that’s also good!


01/01/16 – Sliding into 2016! — Jan 1, 2016

01/01/16 – Sliding into 2016!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic night. I was definitely fuzzy headed through a majority of today.. But we made it out there again, even with my dodgy wrist – yay! I successfully made it down the green run, so I’m super chuffed at my gradual progress!