18/09/15 – Breakfast ontop of London’s skyline

After an exceedingly long day yesterday, we decided to do the only sensible option this morning.. get up at 6am to have breakfast on top of the walkie talkie building in the city of London of course! It was probably the most expensive cooked breakfast I’ve ever had but it was definitely worth it forContinue reading “18/09/15 – Breakfast ontop of London’s skyline”

19/10/2012 – Barely Visible London

I was stood on our balcony this morning, trying to judge whether to wear a coat or not (spoiler alert, I should have), when I noticed this skyline. It was so foggy in London that it created this lovely outline of some of London’s famous landmarks. Such as the Gherkin (middle back, very faded), StContinue reading “19/10/2012 – Barely Visible London”