Today started off with an hour long Zumba class “A  fusion of Latin and International music that creates a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system.” Then off to uni for a lecture on Symbols and representing images – the picture is of my view when writing on my other blog in the graphics suit at the new campus.


Today was my first day of not feeling completely bunged up, so to celebrate, shopping and takeaway with the boys! (I promise you these posts will get more interesting once I’m fully recovered and back in uni etc)


Yesterday my mum, sister and I were here, The Vale of Glamorgan (just outside Culverhouse Cross in Cardiff). I actually took this photo a few weeks ago when it was cold but clear skies, unlike the damp grey ones at the moment. I went to take one yesterday but hadn’t put my stupid memory card back in my camera, so this will have to do!


Heading home from a night in Newport, I took this photo while waiting for the train. I know it won’t be to everyone’s liking. I used my digital Macro to focus on my hand which I then moved away to get this photo! I think I like it because of the mixutes of lights/colours used in the train station.


The internet was rubbish last night so I’ve only got around to posting this now for yesterday! It was a brilliant day, in which I caught up with various friends and my lovely boyfriend. I didn’t have much time to take a photo, so I thought I’d use this one of my Christmas present from him that I got yesterday, a silver swan for my charm bracelet, to remember our first date at Cosmeston lake where all the swans took a great liking to him!


Something my dad brought my sister and I up with was early morning bike rides! So last night my sister ordered me to set my alarm clock for 8am as the next morning we were heading out. As we left it was slightly snowing, but hardly a hinder to us. However, after our traditional McDonalds breakfast halfway through the ride, we got hit by a rather heavy snow storm! We ploughed on and returned home after cycling for about two hours in the snow, even though I got more snowy than planned, it was a great (and brisk) way to start the day!