06/06/16 – Sunshine and pizza Monday!

Even though I did a long cycle yesterday I knew I had to cycle to work today, the weather was absolutely glorious and just perfect for it! After work I cycled in the sunshine through Battersea Park and onto Clapham Common to get pizza and wine with my old housemates. Another beautiful day all roundContinue reading “06/06/16 – Sunshine and pizza Monday!”

18/05/16 – It’s a no from us!

We went back to view that house again and think we’re going to pass on it. I’m a bit glum this evening because of that but I definitely think it’s for the best. Onwards and upwards! I’ve started a new motion graphics video project today and I’m absolutely loving it. There’s so much to getContinue reading “18/05/16 – It’s a no from us!”

07/04/16 – Picnic in the park

London is in the middle of a big heatwave this weekend! We had to drive to Bromley this morning to look at a house we liked, then we were free to frolick for the rest of the day! After greedily buying too much picnic food we headed to Crystal Palace to meet up with ourContinue reading “07/04/16 – Picnic in the park”

21/04/16 – Six miles to burger time

Balance is the key to any splurge, and today was no exception! After work my friend Cat and I walked to Southbank to get dinner from Bleecker Street burger, which is in my books the best burger in town (very close behind is Dip and Flip FYI). It was a six mile walk from workContinue reading “21/04/16 – Six miles to burger time”

19/04/16 – Eerie London breakfast 

As I was out tonight bowling(!) and thus not cycling, Nic and I decided to make the most of it by doing what we do best and go for breakfast before work. We went to J&A Cafe in Farringdon and it was delicious! Excellent eggs all round and lovely staff to match. And before youContinue reading “19/04/16 – Eerie London breakfast “