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23/02/19 – Lovely London sunshine — Feb 23, 2019
17/02/19 – Sunday run and brunch — Feb 17, 2019

17/02/19 – Sunday run and brunch

I’ve had a gorgeous Sunday. I’m feeling at about 90% full health, still a little dizzy and a little deaf, but I’m getting there.

This morning I managed a short 5km run, then headed out for a walk with Fae and her dog Ruby. We then had brunch at hear house and I walked home in the sunshine with a big smile on my face.

14/02/19 – Happy Valentine’s! — Feb 14, 2019

14/02/19 – Happy Valentine’s!

I’m back working! Well, trying my best at least. Today was a bit of a slog, but I managed to get some work done and I’m even wobbling into the office tomorrow. Still dizzy but I’m slowly getting my sea legs.

I’m SO excited to get out into the gorgeous weather we’ve been having! Just look at this clear sky as the sun set.