12/06/21 – Lunch out with Liv

I’ve had just the nicest day today! I got the train into London Bridge and then walked half an hour to Spittlefields in the glorious sunshine to have lunch with Liv. We had such a nice time and it was so great to be back in central London again. After all that I got aContinue reading “12/06/21 – Lunch out with Liv”

31/05/21 – Hot day in the city

It wasn’t that hard to convince myself I was on a summer holiday today. London was so hot with clear blue skies, we had an incredible lunch out, then wine in the sunshine and a gorgeous walk through London. I made sure to bask in it as it’ll be a day to remember for manyContinue reading “31/05/21 – Hot day in the city”

15/05/21 – Day out in Bromley

We went to Bromley today for a shopping trip! Something that feels like such a huge novelty right now but a year and a half ago we wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at. We had a really nice day out. It was so much fun getting some in-person shopping done and we even went outContinue reading “15/05/21 – Day out in Bromley”

22/04/21 – Chips on the pier

We’re getting closer and closer to the launch date of my new product at work, so it’s full steam ahead and busy days at work right now! Which means I’m also still taking great joy in my evening adventures out with mum as a way to calm down after work. Today we went to PenarthContinue reading “22/04/21 – Chips on the pier”

17/04/21 – Blue skies and blue waves

We’re absolutely winning with the weather this trip! It may be chilly but the sun is certainly shining. This afternoon mum and I went to Llantwit Major to have a walk along the cliff tops. It was stunningly beautiful, and thoroughly blew away any remaining cobwebs I had hanging around!