05/11/21 – Another day another city

After a quick night in London, and a gorgeous sunrise, I’m now off to the Midlands to visit my lovely friend Fiona and stay with her for a couple nights. My sixth different bed in the last two weeks! It was a day of a long drive but a wonderful (and very overdue) catch-up atContinue reading “05/11/21 – Another day another city”

03/11/21 – Last day in Wales!

One last trip up to Brecon to see my sister and niblings before I head back to England tomorrow to carry on my adventures. I’m sad to say goodbye to everyone, but it’s been so lovely seeing so much of them this last week, and of the glorious Welsh landscapes. And the next time IContinue reading “03/11/21 – Last day in Wales!”

02/11/21 – Friends with good views

Gorgeous day in Cardiff today, absolutely bitter, but a wonderfully bright blue sky to balance it out. Mum and I went to visit some family friends I haven’t seen in aggggesss due to the pandemic so that was a fantastic treat. I especially enjoyed their 360° views over the wetlands! Afterwards mum and I wentContinue reading “02/11/21 – Friends with good views”

31/10/21 – From North back to South

After a wonderful weekend in North Wales with our Nana it was time to pack up and head home to South Wales today with Mel and the niblings. The journey was smooth with some soft play fun in the middle to break it up! I’ve had just the best weekend with them all, so muchContinue reading “31/10/21 – From North back to South”

30/10/21 – Beach day in North Wales!

Well today was just lovely. I spent all day playing with my fantastic niece and nephew (and fave sister). We ate chips, went to the beach, played on various swings, all the fun things! The highlight for me was my little niece reversing backwards to sit in my lap, something she only does with aContinue reading “30/10/21 – Beach day in North Wales!”

26/10/21 – Bristol tourist

Today was my tourist day around Bristol as I killed time before the wedding party this evening. I took myself to lunch and then walked to Clifton to see the suspension bridge. It was a lovely day, lots and lots of walking, taking photos and just having a nice time exploring. The wedding was greatContinue reading “26/10/21 – Bristol tourist”

12/10/21 – More house work…

But this time is seems to be good news! We’ve got a leak in our bathroom ceiling. But after a couple weeks of agonising wait, it looks like it’s a minor job to fix, and not one that will cost us hundreds or thousands. Colour me surprised to say the least… That was our positiveContinue reading “12/10/21 – More house work…”

11/10/21 – Morning at the office

Stunning views this from the office at 9am. But before I even got there I had already had a lovely morning! Buffet breakfast with mum and Nic at the hotel – yum yum. Quick cuddles with mum before I headed off for the tube. What a fab weekend we’ve had being tourists in London. I’mContinue reading “11/10/21 – Morning at the office”