20/05/22 – New York City!

We’re in New York! We’ve had a really great (and very very long) first day. We flew here this morning, then spent the whole day wandering round, taking in the sights and sounds before finally getting back into bed 22 hours after getting out of bed this morning. It’s time for a well earned sleep!

13/05/22 – Winding down

I’m soon to move onto another project at work and so I’m starting to finish up on so many bits of work, it’s very satisfying! But before all that we’ll be off on holiday which I’m SO VERY EXCITED for! It’s why we’re not really doing anything right now as we need to do aContinue reading “13/05/22 – Winding down”

04/05/22 – Wet East London

I had a bit of a stressful day at work today so I decided to get the bus home to give me time to chill out with my audio book and decompress. It really did the trick and the rain made it extra dramatic. I find bus rides really calming, especially with a good book,Continue reading “04/05/22 – Wet East London”

01/05/22 – Rambling day

We went on a gorgeous three hour hike around Woodstock and Blenheim Palace today followed by a gorgeous pub lunch and finally heading home. Only two hours drive tonight, much quicker than Fridays 3.5 in rush hour. I’ve had just the nicest time camping this weekend with some wonderful friends, but I must say I’mContinue reading “01/05/22 – Rambling day”

18/04/22 – Running to Greenwich

Today’s 10 mile run was a tough old slog! I’m not entirely sure why but I think there was a multitude of different reasons that all built on top of each other. A few lessons have been learnt and I’m excited to go at it again soon. I did buy a barbell set today thoughContinue reading “18/04/22 – Running to Greenwich”

24/03/22 – Lisbon views!

The sun came out for a bit today and it was actually warm! Then it started absolutely pouring down again, but it was wonderful whilst it lasted. We walked about 7 miles today around the city finding some great views including this one, and discovering the beautiful botanical gardens nearby. A really lovely last dayContinue reading “24/03/22 – Lisbon views!”

21/03/22 – Sunny evening in Lisbon

Today was my first ever day working abroad! In all honesty it was slightly harder than I thought it would be as I was just dying to go outside and play in the sunshine. But it was also really great to be able to finish up on time and be drinking sangria in the sunshineContinue reading “21/03/22 – Sunny evening in Lisbon”

17/03/22 – Skyline views

Work today was a full day of talks all about diversity, equity and inclusivity, in work and our personal lives. How we can help drive change etc. It was all so inspirational and I met some really lovely colleagues along the way that I’ve not previously spoken to. It was a great day! Then thisContinue reading “17/03/22 – Skyline views”