23/01/21 – Chilly hilly run

Gorgeous day today with an amazing sunset to finish it off! I read a lot of my book, went on a lovely run in the fresh air then had the rest of our dinner from last night. We’re still on lockdown here so there’s not a huge amount to do but I’m trying to stayContinue reading “23/01/21 – Chilly hilly run”

15/01/21 – Here comes the snow!

Quite the sunset tonight. Tomorrow we’re due snow apparently, so we’ll see! This evening I made a lot of progress on my video I’m working on so I’m feeling very good about that. Big day at work too as we soft launched the product I’ve been working on for the last few months so that’sContinue reading “15/01/21 – Here comes the snow!”

03/01/21 – Caught in the rain!

I kicked today off with a solid five mile run! It really put me in great step for the day despite it being freezing at the start and a bit of a slog. Still got out there and nailed it! After that I went for a lovely one-on-one walk in Crystal Palace Park with Nat.Continue reading “03/01/21 – Caught in the rain!”

02/01/21 – Day out!

We went to Greenwich today for a walk in the sunshine. It was unfortunately quite busy (should have seen that coming) so we wore our masks the whole time just to be on the safer side. It was a lovely chance to get out the house and see the Thames for the first time inContinue reading “02/01/21 – Day out!”

05/12/20 – Another wintery walk

We’re now out of London lockdown! So we could go for a walk together with friends today which was so lovely. We walked six miles around Beckenham Place Park with the lovely Jess and Damian today and their oh so cute baby. It was freeeezing by the end of our walk but I was warmContinue reading “05/12/20 – Another wintery walk”

01/12/20 – A lucky run

Huge moon this morning! It never looks that impressive but it was all very serene as I woke up for a run. I had such a good run that I didn’t even realise a small bird pooed on my top at some point! I’ve been told it’s lucky so I’ve entered the lottery. If youContinue reading “01/12/20 – A lucky run”

21/11/20 – More weekend walking

Lovely, muddy walk with Nic today. Feeling smug in our wellies as we trudged through Sydenham Woods to get to the view of London from The Horniman Museum. Then Nic dropped me off so I could go for another walk around Norwood Lake with Mariana! Lots of walking with my faves, followed by a SainsContinue reading “21/11/20 – More weekend walking”

08/11/20 – Autumn colours

Another autumnal walk today to get us out of the house. I wasn’t in the best mood today… But it was a nice walk none the less. I spent most of the rest of the day napping then reading more Harry Potter (onto the fifth book!) Let’s hope tomorrow will be better after a goodContinue reading “08/11/20 – Autumn colours”

04/11/20 – Birds and swing

My first run since I fell last week! It was great. I headed out first thing so it was quite chilly but the sun was shining and it felt glorious being outside in the early hours. Half way through my run I stopped to swing on the rope swing, pausing my audio book to takeContinue reading “04/11/20 – Birds and swing”

30/10/20 – Blowing off the cobwebs!

We took a day off work today to take Reggie (our new car) for a spin! We drove to Camber Sands and the wind and sea mist made sure to clean off any cobwebs we had after being stuck in Croydon for so long! It was a great day out with Nic, a real treatContinue reading “30/10/20 – Blowing off the cobwebs!”