18/08/22 – Sunset date night

Nic and I headed out after work tonight for pints and dinner at the pub. We ended up sharing a starter and a main and then had a pudding each… Why that’s the best bit of course! Followed by a lovely long walk home as the sunset. I’m really enjoying being back “normal” with goingContinue reading “18/08/22 – Sunset date night”

06/08/22 – North Wales day out

We had such a lovely day today touring around North Wales taking in the lovely sites. We went to Llandudno which is now one of my favourite places and i definitely will visit again with Nic next year for a longer stay! It’s been so nice hanging out with Nana and Hilary. We then wentContinue reading “06/08/22 – North Wales day out”

01/08/22 – A day at the beach

We spent all day at the beach today in the lovely sunshine. It wasn’t forecast to be nice so it was a nice surprise. Just as we left the clouds rolled in so we timed it all perfectly. After a nice pub dinner with all of Nic’s family we headed to Devon for the nightContinue reading “01/08/22 – A day at the beach”

29/07/22 – Seaside walk

Our forth evening in Devon and tonight we decided to go for a seaside walk after work. We headed off to Torquay for dinner and it was lovely to so quickly be away from work and by the sea. It was a really warm evening with a wonderful sunset. We even had a cheeky doughnutContinue reading “29/07/22 – Seaside walk”

13/07/22 – And then to Cardiff

I’m now in Cardiff until Sunday. I drove over at lunchtime to my mum’s house. It’s a lovely opportunity to visit her and also see my sister and her family. Work is busy but I enjoy being at mums as we go for lovely walks at the end of the day to decompress. I’m happyContinue reading “13/07/22 – And then to Cardiff”

06/07/22 – Over the covid hump

Today is the first day I don’t really feel worse from covid so I think I’m officially on the mend… But it still feels like a bit of a slog to go. I stepped outside the front door for the first time since Saturday to snap this photo. I was surprised by how warm itContinue reading “06/07/22 – Over the covid hump”

02/07/22 – Another cinema trip!

Two cinema trips in one week! But technically different months… And this one I used points to buy the tickets so they cost us £2! Before the movie we spent the day chilling out in the house, starting a new puzzle and I got some reading done. We then went for a lovely dinner, aContinue reading “02/07/22 – Another cinema trip!”

22/06/22 – Ten mile evening walk!

After work, our plan was to walk 4.5 miles to Addington Hills to have a little picnic for dinner and then get the bus back. All went to plan until we just ended up walking, and walking, and walking! In the end we were having such a nice time we decided to just keep goingContinue reading “22/06/22 – Ten mile evening walk!”