11/03/23 – Shopping day!

My mum was meant to be here this weekend but unfortunately she got Covid so we had to rearrange. So I found myself suddenly with two spare days to fill. Nic and I decided to go to Westfield to get some shopping done as we so rarely do a proper shopping day. It wasn’t entirelyContinue reading “11/03/23 – Shopping day!”

20/02/23 – Detour before home

Mel came to the bus stop to wave us off this morning before we began the long but beautiful trip home to London. We stopped off at Luzerne for a few hours to have lunch and take in some last minute views. It was still the festival going on though, with the streets absolutely rammed,Continue reading “20/02/23 – Detour before home”

18/02/23 – Hiking down and lake walks

Today was a bit less extreme than yesterday but it was still a load of fun. We started out the morning hiking down to Meiringen for a later coffee and pastry breakfast. We then got the gondola back up and finally walked back to Mel’s for lunch now she had finished work for the day.Continue reading “18/02/23 – Hiking down and lake walks”

07/02/23 – Foggy run to work

Another run to work today, and this time I went a slightly longer route so did ten miles! I’m really pleased, but it was absolutely freeeeezing, so I was very happy to make it to the office. The views were still great over London Bridge, even if the fog blocked out Tower Bridge.

29/01/23 – Gondola trip!

Well, you just have to don’t you! Today was our final day in Venice and we had another wonderful day. We got a Gondola trip in the morning and it was like seeing an entirely different side of Venice. It was so quiet and calm on the water. We then spent the rest of theContinue reading “29/01/23 – Gondola trip!”

19/01/23 – Running to work!

I ran 9 miles to work today, the first one of this year! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a PB, so even better. It was a wonderful sunrise and went on to be an equally great day as I went for dinner with a friend after work as well. I got asked thisContinue reading “19/01/23 – Running to work!”

25/11/22 – A wonderful birthday eve

Today mum and I went to visit St Paul’s Cathedral since we’re staying so close to it. We walked all the +500 stairs to the top and the views were incredible, especially as we were so lucky with the weather. We then went for a few drinks before heading out for dinner in One AldwychContinue reading “25/11/22 – A wonderful birthday eve”

27/10/22 – Sunrise cycle

I took a slight detour on my cycle into work this morning to watch the sunrise from Greenwich. The sunlight reflecting on the buildings really made it worth the early start and rain shower I had to cycle through to get there… It was a lovely way to start what ended up being a veryContinue reading “27/10/22 – Sunrise cycle”