24/09/21 – More fun friends

This is the third evening in a row I’ve had lovely plans with lovely friends. Tonight was dinner with Nic at Dan and Nat’s house! It was so nice, we laughed a lot and ate a lush dinner. My clouds are lifting and I’m feeling so much happier, just look at the phenomenal sunset justContinue reading “24/09/21 – More fun friends”

21/09/21 – Crystal Palace day out

The sun was shining today! It’s my last day of holiday and I had just the nicest of days. I got my hair cut, went for brunch with Nic, went on a lovely walk around Crystal Palace with him marvelling at how quiet it was as it’s not the weekend, finished my cross stitch andContinue reading “21/09/21 – Crystal Palace day out”

20/09/21 – A lovely day out

I’m still on holiday! For just two more days but I need to make them count. Today I went on a day out with my friend Nat and her baby. We visited a castle and gardens and it was just gorgeous. We smelled the roses, had a lovely lunch, ate grapes off the vine… IContinue reading “20/09/21 – A lovely day out”

13/07/21 – Big day out!

I finally went back to the London office today! It was really fun, especially as the commute was exceptionally quiet and the view from the new office are stunning. After work I went for dinner and drinks with Mariana. This photo was the view from our table which was pretty spectacular! We even got toContinue reading “13/07/21 – Big day out!”