17/04/21 – Blue skies and blue waves

We’re absolutely winning with the weather this trip! It may be chilly but the sun is certainly shining. This afternoon mum and I went to Llantwit Major to have a walk along the cliff tops. It was stunningly beautiful, and thoroughly blew away any remaining cobwebs I had hanging around!

22/03/21 – Spectacular evening walks

We’ve gone from walking in the dark after work to suddenly walking at sunset and it is spectacular. We saw some incredible views as we did our post-work debrief this evening, including seeing the bright red sun just dip over the horizon. The birds were singing so loudly we stopped for a minute just toContinue reading “22/03/21 – Spectacular evening walks”

16/03/21 – Glowing sunset

We had an incredible sunset tonight. I managed to capture the glow of the sun reflecting against the houses down the hill from us. Busy day at work today and then a lovely phone catch up with Liv. I’m so excited to be able to see my friends more over the next few months. TheContinue reading “16/03/21 – Glowing sunset”

05/03/21 – Happy mind, happy run

I had an incredible run this morning. Seven miles of crisp, bright, blue sky running. I listening to my audio book for the first half then switched to happy music as I trotted home for the second half. Once I got back I meditated in the garden, sat in the sunshine feeling the chilled airContinue reading “05/03/21 – Happy mind, happy run”

25/02/21 – Longer days

Just look at that sky! Our evening walks are no longer dark and dreary but colourful and well, not so dark. It’s doing an absolute wonder to my mood – I feel like a different Steph from a month ago. After dinner I got way more done on my cross-stitch whilst having a lovely natterContinue reading “25/02/21 – Longer days”

13/02/21 – Running views

Quiet day today. I ran 11 miles though! To Nunhead, so lots of hills but great views. Another slower run that I really enjoyed. I then spent the rest of the day finishing my latest book and finally catching up online with some friends. I’m really enjoying my long weekend, so nice to have aContinue reading “13/02/21 – Running views”

05/02/21 – Crystal Palace lunchin’

Today we drove to Crystal Palace Park to give the car a run and to have an exciting Friday lunchtime! The weather was glorious and we walked around the park in the sunshine. It’s made us immediately want to book a day off work to come here on the next sunny day. It really feelsContinue reading “05/02/21 – Crystal Palace lunchin’”