06/08/16 – Fun at the seaside

After our surprisingly chirpy 5am start, Nic and I hit the road to Abergele in North Wales. 5 and a half hours later, we made it! We’re staying overnight at my nana’s house here by the seaside. It’s very quiet, a welcome break from all the hustle and bustle of London we’ve had recently. WeContinue reading “06/08/16 – Fun at the seaside”

03/07/16 – Beach day stop off

The sun finally got his hat on today! Once we left Devon we decided to split the journey home up by going to Lyme Regis.  After an impromptu purchase of a beach towel and suncream, Nic and I were in our swimming costumes and basking on the beach; we even made it into the sea!Continue reading “03/07/16 – Beach day stop off”

02/07/16 – Tiny ponies!

I have had the best day! We went to the miniature pony world in Dartmoor and it was 100% as adorable as it sounds. They were so cute and so tiny, I have had the biggest grin on my face. As if we hadn’t had enough cuteness for one day we then went to theContinue reading “02/07/16 – Tiny ponies!”

01/07/16 – Rolling fields in Devon

We’ve been lucky with the weather today, we even managed an outdoor swim without any additional unwanted water from the sky! After a lovely walk in the evening sunshine I went to Buckfast to watch Wales smash their way into the Semi Finals of the Euros! What a wonderful day all around.

30/06/16 – Life is beachy

My first request of being in Devon was to go to the beach! My mum joined us today to stay at Nic’s parents as well, so we all went to the beach! It was brisk, but I still went for a cheeky paddle in the sea. You can’t say you’ve been to the beach ifContinue reading “30/06/16 – Life is beachy”

29/06/16 – Off we go!

Nic and I have a cheeky four day weekend in Devon starting tonight! We worked from home today so we would be ready to set off as soon as the clock stuck 5.30. Us being typical us, we missed this deadline and ended up leaving at 9pm, just in time to catch the beautiful sunContinue reading “29/06/16 – Off we go!”

19/06/16 – My role model and best friend

Six years ago to this day, Dad and I climbed Pen y Fan together and it’s such a special memory for me for so many reasons. Well, today, my Mum stepped up and we got absolutely soaked, freezing cold, and took the harder and steeper route by accident, but we made it to the top!!Continue reading “19/06/16 – My role model and best friend”

18/06/16 – It’s raining babies…

One might call it a baby shower! Today I headed  midwales for Fran’s shower and was so lovely. Lots and lots of tiny boots and hats, it was an adorable day all-round. Snapped this whilst driving back to Cardiff, I do love Wales, even if it is a bit soggy.

17/06/16 – Bunk with my Bestie

I rarely do selfies as my photo of the day, but how could I not with this cheeky face! Rach is my oldest friend, over a decade now at least, and she’s definitely been in my blog a number of times to match. Being back in Cardiff is such fun as I get to meetContinue reading “17/06/16 – Bunk with my Bestie”

16/06/16 – Castle tour before lunch

I have had a fantastic day! The meeting went really well today, so I’m very pleased about that first and foremost. Then once that was done and dusted, I took Bec to Cardiff Castle where we went on a tour around the main house. Finally we ventured up the tower where I got this photo,Continue reading “16/06/16 – Castle tour before lunch”