04/06/22 – We climbed it!

And it was a proper slog. By far the hardest hike I’ve ever done, and a proper hike at that! 750m of elevation in only about 2.5 miles. The photo is from about two thirds up before the final climb. We were shattered by the end, scrabbling up to the top trying not to slip.Continue reading “04/06/22 – We climbed it!”

03/06/22 – The goal for tomorrow!

We’re off on another adventure! We’re in Westport this weekend for a friend’s 40th. Tomorrow we’re hiking up this wonderful mountain, so hopefully we won’t be too broken by the end. But for now we just had a lovely walk to watch the sunset after dinner. I did love New York, but I think weContinue reading “03/06/22 – The goal for tomorrow!”

28/05/22 – And we’re back!

I’m quite sad to be back but I think a big part of that is the horrific jet lag I have from only sleeping two hours last night… But we’ve made it back in one piece somehow! I’m so happy we finally went on our trip after two years of covid hiatus, it was reallyContinue reading “28/05/22 – And we’re back!”

27/05/22 – Bye bye NYC

Our final morning in New York, and what a corker! We went out for breakfast sandwiches, then to Nic’s favourite coffee shop. We popped back to the hotel to do our final bits of packing then we headed back out for our last slice of dollar pizza! It was a whistle top tour of someContinue reading “27/05/22 – Bye bye NYC”

22/05/22 – Staten Island day trip

Another hot hot day but it’s going to be a lot cooler tomorrow so we wanted to make the most of it. We got the ferry to Staten Island today to see The Statue of Liberty and get a little bit of shopping done whilst there. We managed to walk a bit less today, butContinue reading “22/05/22 – Staten Island day trip”

21/05/22 – A central park day

It was absolutely roasting in New York today! We ended up walking about 15 miles around Manhattan and we’re now quite exhausted. But it was an excellent day in the heat, even if we did have to move from shade to shade. We saw a lot of Central Park and ate some great food. DayContinue reading “21/05/22 – A central park day”