19/12/21 – Coming home for Christmas!

Today I spent the morning traveling back to Cardiff for Christmas! I decided to get the first train out of Paddington to avoid the rush, and ended up upgrading to first class as it was still a bit too busy for my liking. But I made it, and now I’m settled down with Mum forContinue reading “19/12/21 – Coming home for Christmas!”

11/12/21 – Back home we go

After a 8 hour flight and an absolutely shocking sleep somehow, we’re back home! We now have to isolate until our negative PCR tests come back but hopefully that won’t take too long. I’m mostly just over the moon to see my lovely Nic again! This evening we had a lovely home cooked dinner andContinue reading “11/12/21 – Back home we go”

10/12/21 – Last day!

To make to make the most of our last day I pretty much spent the whole day in the pool playing around! We then had a lovely lunch together before sadly heading to the airport and saying goodbye to Barbara and Tony whom we came to visit. It’s been such a wonderful trip and I’mContinue reading “10/12/21 – Last day!”

09/12/21 – Gator Day!

Today is our last full day in Florida and it was a big one! We went to see lots and lots of alligators, including a boat ride to get incredibly close too. The weather was stunning as after that we went to the beach, saw dolphins, watched the sun set then went home for aContinue reading “09/12/21 – Gator Day!”

08/13/21 – Diving into a pool day

Easy day today, we got our covid tests done for flying home (both negative, woo hoo!) Then for the rest of the day it was by the pool, with mum sunbathing and me mostly diving and swimming about. It’s been a good day, followed by a lovely dinner now that Tony is here too.

04/12/21 – Winter walks

Winter walks have an entirely different feel though when it’s 25 degrees out! Whilst we meandered the long way around the lake to get lunch today we saw this cormorant drying out their wings in the lovely sunshine. The whole scene felt very calming and quiet, which was pretty much the theme for today’s activities.