16/09/21 – Aquarium trip!

More on the tourist theme! Today we checked out of our hotel and went for a meander around the V&A. After that we headed over to The Sea Life Centre! We didn’t queue at all and the entire place was so quiet – we’ve been very lucky on the whole for queues. We saw someContinue reading “16/09/21 – Aquarium trip!”

28/08/21 – I made it to Cardiff!

Albeit three days later than planned, I have finally made it back to Cardiff after waking up this morning feeling so much better than the entirety of last week. Luckily the drive was easy breezy and now I get to hang out with my mum, sister and her kids for the long weekend. Lovely stuff!

16/08/21 – Day 1 of work retreat!

For the next three days I’m away on a work retreat to plan projects for the rest of the year. So far it’s been a lot of work chat, but a lot of fun too! I’m one of the first ones off to bed as I’m determined to get up tomorrow to go running atContinue reading “16/08/21 – Day 1 of work retreat!”