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13/01/20 – It’s very damp — Jan 13, 2020
29/12/19 – Back home! — Dec 29, 2019

29/12/19 – Back home!

We’re off home to London! I’m very sad to be saying goodbye to my family but I’m also excited to be back in my own bed and we have Christmas day number 2 tomorrow for me and Nic! What a lovely week I’ve had in Wales though, despite my terrible cold.

28/12/19 – Tractor fun! — Dec 28, 2019
18/12/19 – Two more days — Dec 18, 2019

18/12/19 – Two more days

It’s rainy, dark and pretty bleak out there. But, we have just two more days in the office until we’re free! 16 days off work, exciting! Nic and I got a spot of Christmas shopping done after work today due to the trains being a mess. Swings and roundabouts!

08/12/19 – Christmas organ! — Dec 9, 2019

08/12/19 – Christmas organ!

Today I got to sit down for ten minutes and be absorbed into the world of Christmas music on the organ. It was goosebumpy heaven for me. After that it was another day of heavy rain and fun with Nic’s family. We’re now back home in our exceptionally quiet house!

07/12/19 – Fun at the fair — Dec 7, 2019
23/11/19 – Spa weekend! — Nov 23, 2019