11/09/22 – Last Bath moments

We made sure to squeeze the most out of our Bath trip with afternoon tea at The Pump Room in the last few hours before our train home. It’s safe to say we were stuffed by the end of it! We had to take away some of the cakes for our train ride home. I’veContinue reading “11/09/22 – Last Bath moments”

08/08/22 – Day in the office

We’re in for another batch of sunny days here in London. Today the heat was full on when I stepped out of the air conditioned office for lunch. I went in today just for a change of pace but I’m exhausted now and hoping for a long sleep tonight to make up for the recentContinue reading “08/08/22 – Day in the office”

07/08/22 – Back to London (again!)

And just like that I’m back in London again. The journey home took much less time than Friday’s trip up – about three hours less! The traffic was definitely on our side and we made it home in excellent time, Hilary doing all the driving whilst I counted Teslas (there are so many now!). I’veContinue reading “07/08/22 – Back to London (again!)”

06/08/22 – North Wales day out

We had such a lovely day today touring around North Wales taking in the lovely sites. We went to Llandudno which is now one of my favourite places and i definitely will visit again with Nic next year for a longer stay! It’s been so nice hanging out with Nana and Hilary. We then wentContinue reading “06/08/22 – North Wales day out”

05/08/22 – Back in the motherland

After 8 hours of travel(!) Me and my aunty made it to North Wales to stay with my nana for the weekend. We had a really nice trip up just nattering away for the whole time, and then a lovely afternoon and evening catching up with Nana! Roll on the weekend of even more familyContinue reading “05/08/22 – Back in the motherland”

02/08/22 – The long trip home

After a week and a half away from home visiting four different places and lots of people, it’s time to head home. We packed up and set out on the over four hour drive home. It went by quite quickly actually and Nic and I just nattered away for the whole drive. I’m now prettyContinue reading “02/08/22 – The long trip home”

01/08/22 – A day at the beach

We spent all day at the beach today in the lovely sunshine. It wasn’t forecast to be nice so it was a nice surprise. Just as we left the clouds rolled in so we timed it all perfectly. After a nice pub dinner with all of Nic’s family we headed to Devon for the nightContinue reading “01/08/22 – A day at the beach”

31/07/22 – Under the stars

After an atrocious sleep last night thanks to the howling wind, today we headed to a local rock pool to wake ourselves up. It was slightly warmer than the sea the other day and we got to jump off the high rocks into the water! Super fun. The afternoon was spent just relaxing, reading andContinue reading “31/07/22 – Under the stars”

30/07/22 – Last stop!

Today we packed up from Devon and moved to our last leg of this trip, Cornwall! We’re now camping for the next couple nights with Nic’s family. Whilst waiting for everyone to regroup Nic and I went for a clifftop walk with a couple of gin and tonic cans! It was a fantastic way toContinue reading “30/07/22 – Last stop!”