04/11/20 – Birds and swing

My first run since I fell last week! It was great. I headed out first thing so it was quite chilly but the sun was shining and it felt glorious being outside in the early hours. Half way through my run I stopped to swing on the rope swing, pausing my audio book to takeContinue reading “04/11/20 – Birds and swing”

28/10/20 – An abrupt end!

I went for a run after work today. Just before I reached 8km I slipped and fell, ripping a hole in my favourite running leggings (and my favourite knee…)! My knee was so sore that Nic drove down to pick me up as I was still 2km from home. I spent the rest of theContinue reading “28/10/20 – An abrupt end!”

20/10/20 – Blowing off steam

(Backdated post as I forgot to press publish on this five days ago!) After a very stressful day at work I decided to go on an evening run to blow off some steam after work. The sun was just setting as I pelted up the hill near our house and it really helped to calmContinue reading “20/10/20 – Blowing off steam”

17/10/20 – Practicing skating

The weather today was a picture perfect autumnal day. Jumper weather, crispy leaves and sunshine, well no rain at least. We walked to the park to practice skating more! I’m slowly improving at stopping, bit by bit I seem to be getting there, and becoming more confident. I also got a load of reading doneContinue reading “17/10/20 – Practicing skating”

12/10/20 – Skating lunchtime!

We went out skating in the rain this lunchtime! Nic razed around doing cool tricks like this manual whilst I attempted at learning how to stop on a hill (an important skill I have yet to pick up…). This evening I sewed a zipper pouch which I’m super proud of! I’m slowing remembering my sewingContinue reading “12/10/20 – Skating lunchtime!”

07/10/20 – Happy hill training

Second run of the week! I’m still on the path of gaining back my love for running and this morning was another bound forward towards that goal. I went on a 4k run, 1k of which was up a 50 meter climb (10%!). I didn’t care about my time, I just kept ploughing up theContinue reading “07/10/20 – Happy hill training”

05/10/20 – Running for me

I’m trying to gain back my love of running. It became such a slog recently. Constantly worrying and bullying myself about my pacing and not being good enough. Well, it’s time to stop that and win back my joy for the sport. This morning I ran 7km with only once looking at my phone! IContinue reading “05/10/20 – Running for me”

11/09/20 – Running errands

Today started off with a pilates class for me and mum! I enjoyed it more than any recent YouTube class I’ve done before which I’m really excited about. We then popped into town so I could get new running shoes due to my old ones giving me grief. Look how fun they are! I needContinue reading “11/09/20 – Running errands”

04/09/20 – Ups and downs

I did it! I absolutely smashed my morning run, 6km in 31mins. I felt so much better than I have for ages. Then… later on today I suddenly got super down again. I’m sure it’ll pass but I spent the rest of the day with a mad fast heart rate trying hard to focus onContinue reading “04/09/20 – Ups and downs”