04/09/20 – Ups and downs

I did it! I absolutely smashed my morning run, 6km in 31mins. I felt so much better than I have for ages. Then… later on today I suddenly got super down again. I’m sure it’ll pass but I spent the rest of the day with a mad fast heart rate trying hard to focus onContinue reading “04/09/20 – Ups and downs”

03/09/20 – Accountability

I was asked recently on here by a lovely follower how I keep active all the time. Right now I just cannot be bothered! So tonight I’ve actioned my final trick, laying out all my clothes and having an early night. Right now I’m dying to go for a run, but come 7am it mightContinue reading “03/09/20 – Accountability”

31/08/20 – Bubbly bath to calm down

It’s finally cool enough to have a bath! I went through a phase of having full cold tap on showers recently, I was enjoying them (as much as you can enjoy a freezing shower) and felt very bad ass being able to do it, but I must admit I really enjoyed my warm bath afterContinue reading “31/08/20 – Bubbly bath to calm down”

21/08/20 – Run swim run!

This morning I set off at 6.20 to run 5.8km to Tooting Bec Lido, I then swam 1.2km then ran back! For the first time in a while I felt like myself again and it was so much fun. I listened to my audio book all the way there and back and even got aContinue reading “21/08/20 – Run swim run!”