07/06/16 – Sweaty to the touch

London is waaaaarm today. I decided to give cycling a break today as it’s been pretty full on the last couple of days. But me still being me, I ran the 4 miles to touch rugby instead of getting the train, which is definitely a bad idea when it’s this hot and muggy. Couple thatContinue reading “07/06/16 – Sweaty to the touch”

06/06/16 – Sunshine and pizza Monday!

Even though I did a long cycle yesterday I knew I had to cycle to work today, the weather was absolutely glorious and just perfect for it! After work I cycled in the sunshine through Battersea Park and onto Clapham Common to get pizza and wine with my old housemates. Another beautiful day all roundContinue reading “06/06/16 – Sunshine and pizza Monday!”

05/06/16 – 50 miles and a swim!

I know I say this a lot, but this really has been just the best day! Nic and I set out to cycle about 30 miles and go for a swim at London Fields Lido, and we smashed it, we did 50 miles AND the swim! I love my life, for just days like this;Continue reading “05/06/16 – 50 miles and a swim!”

31/05/16 – Wet wet wet Steph!

I haven’t seen rain like this in ages! London is essentially one giant puddle, and I’ve had a very busy day splashing about in it. First trip in the pouring rain was to Alana’s house at 7.30am for a spot of deliciously sad goodbye breakfast as she heads back to Canada today. Then it wasContinue reading “31/05/16 – Wet wet wet Steph!”

29/05/16 – Venturing up North (London)

We cycled to north London today on a bit of a cycling adventure! I read about the wetlands earlier this week and really wanted to visit. We loved the boardwalk side of it and the walk around the edge; I’d recommend popping by if you were doing something else in the area. We ended upContinue reading “29/05/16 – Venturing up North (London)”

17/05/16 – Touch Rugby Tuesday!

Today I played my first ever game of Touch Rugby, and it was super fun! I’ve been nervous all day as it seems so complicated but it went really well. I’ll definitely play again, and best of all, we got free chips afterwards! Bonus!

12/05/16 – Row your stress away

What’s the point of life if you don’t take the opportunities to do the things you love? Today has been another very tiring day at work, and whilst I do still love my job, boy am I pooped. However, instead of wallowing, I decided to so something fun with my favourite person! Armed with aContinue reading “12/05/16 – Row your stress away”

08/05/16 – Sunny 40 mile ride

I have had the loveliest of weekends! After yesterday’s day in the sunshine, I’m now hooked! So I hopped on my bike (Nic isn’t feeling too great today so decided to stay home) and headed off into London. I did a park tour route! It included Greenwich, Victoria park, Primrose Hill, Regents Park, Hyde ParkContinue reading “08/05/16 – Sunny 40 mile ride”

04/05/16 – Short cut home

What a gorgeous day here in London! The sun is shining and it’s so warm outside, it made for a glorious cycle into work, we even got to bask outside in the sun at lunchtime! I finally got my hair cut this evening too! It was another lovely cycle to the hair dressers through BatterseaContinue reading “04/05/16 – Short cut home”

01/05/16 – Tough Mudder aftermath

Oh wow, we have bruises and aches all over after yesterday’s Tough Mudder! I popped out quickly this morning on my bike (ow), but apart from that I’ve spent a large part of today relaxing and watching Breaking Bad. We did (well, mostly Nic) manage to wash our clothes from yesterday though! This was theContinue reading “01/05/16 – Tough Mudder aftermath”